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How to Become a MORE Anxious Mother!

Want to become riddled with anxiety… buuuuut just not sure how?

Sure you do! Why else would you have stayed up worrying all night last night?

Listen, we all struggle with worries and anxieties in parenting. But sometimes in order to heal anxieties, to work THROUGH anxieties, we need to laugh and, yes, even PLAY with our anxieties!

My children play dress-up to work through their fears and anxieties over monsters. So, I decided to do the same….just on YouTube.

Introducing my Alter Ego with “Tips on Becoming a MORE Anxious Mother”

  1. Worry about things that are completely out of your control.
    Natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, political disasters, terror attacks, plane crashes, or just strange objects falling out of the sky. These are all fair game in the name of anxiety and fear. The more statistically improbable, the better!
  2. Worry about things that other people are doing that you’re not, or that other children are doing that your children are not.
    The fastest way to do this? Open any social media app and begin unfavorably comparing. The Johnson’s are taking a family vacation to Hawaii, and you’re not? The Smith’s are doing family dinner around the table and you’re not? Scrolling through Instagram will make you feel like you are not measuring up, and that’s sure to cause anxiety!
  3. Worry about things that you ARE doing that other people aren’t.
    Like feeding your children cereal for dinner. Binging on chocolate and Netflix. Hiding in the pantry from your kids. You are the ONLY one who does those things. No one else!
  4. Worry about things that haven’t happened yet and might never happen.
    “Will my kids be popular in high school?” “Who’s he going to be friends with in high school?” “I hope the economy doesn’t change by that time.” “I hope it’s a good crowd.” Worrying about things in the future that may or may not happen, and wondering how they will happen, and feeling really nervous about that can really add to an overall sense of anxiety in the moment.
  5. Worrying about things that have already happened, in particular, choices that you have already made. 
    “I breastfed for way too long.” “I didn’t breastfeed for long enough.” “Should I have breastfed?” You see how this goes. This area is a goldmine for anxiety, since there are a million endless choices to be made in any given moment, so there is an unlimited amount of anxiety to be had over these decisions.
  6. Worry in general, vague terms. 
    Worrying in broad strokes, with things like, “Am I a good mother?” “Are we okay?” “Are my children measuring up?” makes you feel on edge and like there’s something wrong, which there is. This will lead you to feel anxious all of the time. YEAH!
  7.  Constantly guess and assume that other people are judging you unfavorably, and worry about what they think of you.
    The BIG KAHUNA of anxieties, right? You should always be guessing what people are saying about you behind your back, whispering about your child while you are at the supermarket, and what everyone is thinking about YOU all of the time.  Here’s the thing: All of the people that you meet in your life are only thinking about you. They have no lives of their own, and they have no mistakes or shame of their own. They’re really just lingering and focusing on your shame, and they just want to spend their whole life talking and obsessing about how terrible you are.

Sound ridiculous? Yet how many of us worry like this, endlessly wondering who’s judging us, what other choices we could have made, or what the future may (or may not) hold.

Worry and anxiety in parenting can be consuming and unproductive. But sometimes, we don’t even know were how much anxiety fills out lives until we see it played out in front of us, on a stage or in a video like in this one!

Watch the video to see how absurd anxieties can sometimes be. Want to help combat anxiety in parenthood?  Read about present, mindful living  or self talk and follow me on Facebook for more anxiety talk (AND peaceful parenting talk too!).

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