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This call is a pure heart-to-heart session to answer your questions about the Parent in Love process.
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See What Others Are Saying:
"Blown away by this! Really really helpful,
Didn’t think changing one person can actually change a marriage, but what you say is sooooo deep and true. Thanks for putting this out into the world! So necessary."
- Leah
"Avital’s Parent in Love course is, in a word, beautiful. It is at once complex and complete, while still being direct and clear. She distills decades of research and writings on couple relationships and presents it in a way that is warm and affectionate while still encouraging you to take responsibility and engage in the process."
- Laura Froyen, PhD
(Peaceful Parenting and Respectful Relationship Expert)
"I felt like I stumbled upon a gold mine when I discovered your channel! I have been able to learn so much from listening to your videos, and I definitely wanted to buy your course when it first came out!"
- Emily
"It’s an incredible journey on every level."
- Layla
"I have realized that I was helping create most of the negative dynamics in my relationship, and that most of the work is going to be introspection. It's so exciting to finally have the tools to make every situation, as hard and challenging it might seem, a learning experience that bring us closer, and not pushes us apart. 

My husband has definitely adapted to my new energy, and without reading a word of the course he seems to even be more advanced than me, he is reflecting my improvements like a magnifying glass. I seriously wonder if he is doing the course secretly. Thank you so much!"
- Sara
"This course is soo helpful and a real soul awakener!"
- Fiona