Harmonize, Communicate & Connect 
Even With People You Completely Disagree With

It feels like the world is going mad. Is it just me? Or do you also sometimes feel:

A strong urge to convince people of your position. 

The need to pull away from people because of their position...

The need to silence yourself or hide what you really think. 

The desire to be more convincing in important conversations. 

Hurt and baffled by other people's opinions. 

If so, you're not alone.
There is an alternative to the vitriol, animosity and hostility that's being spiked in our current social landscape. 

You don't have to allow the complex differences of opinions to wreak havoc on your friendships and relationships. 

In fact, you must not. 

We're in a time in history where conversations are increasingly polarized. 

Those voices are incredibly loud and aggressive. 
Marriages, friendships, families and entire communities are being torn apart by conflicting opinions on politics, lifestyle, economics, social justice, religion... you name it. 

Gone are the days of live and let live, co-existence and mutual respect. 

Those of us watching this polarization unfold, scratching our heads in bewilderment, baffled by the choices some are making and petrified of the ramifications... we must speak up. 

We must push back. 
As parents we have a double-responsibility to show up well to polarizing debates. We must not let this friction from the outside world inflitrate our family's peace.
We must be a voice of reason, moderation, mutual respect and skilled communication

Do you feel yourself being pulled into radicalized, polarized stances that no longer have room for conversation, listening or tolerance?

Do you feel yourself stay quiet when you want to speak up, feel silenced when you have something to contribute or even aligning with ideas that are not in integrity with who you are?

Do you experience family members distancing and friendships cracking... all in the name of being "on the right side of history?"

Are you so upset by other's opinions that you get frequently triggered and are losing relationships with people you're close to?

We must not give into it. 

We must resist.
Learn to handle the most heated debate with grace - become a force of inspiration, influnce and tolerance... and be the change you want to see. 

Voting for humanity, harmony and hope - begins at home.

Use your influence on your loved ones, your family, community and social circles by switching on the 10 Switches of Depolarizing Debates... 

I have lived in three continents, have a family that sprawls right to left on the political spectrum, I've experienced conflicts of belief systems, religion, values and lifestyles... even in my own marriage... 

I often find myself in social situations, facing the onset of heated debates about many lifestyle, medical, educational (and so on) choices that we are making as a family. 

I've stood by watching friendships, communities and even marriages disintegrate as political divides spike.
But recently I've seen these disconnects come to a never seen before level.
Like a comment on a blog post that read: "We don't allow our kids to speak to my parents anymore. We told them that as long as they were voting that way, they wouldn't get to see their grandkids."

Or how about "I think my friends are completely crazy with how they're approach Covid, our friendship is going to end over this."

Or another who said: "If my husband doesn't vote the same way as me, I'm divorcing him."
Guys, this broke my heart. 
I understand these people's desparation and the severe disconnect they feel from their closest people over issues... But I also feel passionately that this is not the best way, especially for our children. 

I am moved to offer an alternative approach to polarizing divides. One that I believe aligns better with most people's values of tolerance, acceptance, peace and kindness. 

As a Mindset Coach for parents I believe that bringing families together - not tearing them apart - is the top priority at this time. That is why I've created the "DePolarized" course.
If you're wondering where I stand on hot topic issues - I can't sum up my opinions in one label or sentance or party line. They're ever evolving and changing and my goal is to continue to open mindedly learn from all sides on every issue. From vaccines, to religion, to politics to ethics... 

My personal loyalty is to discernment, critical thinking, healthy communication, kindness and harmony - not to any particular party, group or approach. 

I'm much more interested in how we figure out issues, than the actual issues themselves. 

Become the winning voice in the debate - by replacing the debate with true dialogue.

Become a spouse, daughter, son, mother, father, friend, sibling, colleague, community member - who is inspiring and influential because of your balanced, deep, nuanced approach to heated topics. 

This is a calls to arms to commit powerfully to harmony, unity, kindness, communication, maturity and radical responsiblity for how each of us shows up and creates the type of world we want to be a part of. 

The way to fight angry, violent, hateful, vengeful vitriol - is not with more of the same. 

It's time to "kill" the conflict with kindness. 

Depolarized offers an alternative framework through which to view current times and polarizing conflicts - no matter what side of the issue you're on. 

No matter what your identity, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, religion or who you vote for - you can be a pillar of sanity, compassion and healthy dialogue in a time of screaming voices. 

You can be an example of how adults communicate. 

You can be a model of maturity. 

Fight extreme hatred with extreme kindness. 

Rather than breaking down the fabric of society, break free of the box others want to put you in. 

Rather than being bullied into submission, be brave in your integrity to yourself... 

... and in doing so protect your family from this tidal wave of polarization.

Immunize your relationships from the virus of polarization.

Don't allow religious, political, economic or social hot topics to worm their way into your relationships, unchecked. Instead use these conversations to truly get to know your loved ones - through a respectful exchange of ideas. 


10 Switches To Harmonize Your Most Heated Debates Into Connection Opportunities


Live Group Coaching Bonus
October 22nd | October 29th | November 5th 


One Time Only! 

  • 10 Switches: Flip the switches that will take you from triggered, frustrated, hurt and confused to mastering communication skills and becoming a persuasive force for good in the world.
  • ​Lifetime access: You'll own the Depolarize mini course for as long as we're running it
  • At your own pace: All 10 video lessons are unlocked and able to be watched and rewatched on your own time table.
“This is brilliant. The very fact that you're recognizing the need for a course like Depolarize... well, I feel like I HAVE to be a recipient of this crucial wisdom. Enrolling in this honestly feels like a duty as a mom and a citizen, and it couldn't come at a better time. The price is a no-brainer. Thank you for offering this." 

- Meredith

10 Switches to flip: In this course you'll learn how to show up to controversial differences with grace, ease and efficacy. 
Warning: Upon Completing the course, you might be so peaceful, persuasive and magnetic that your "opponents" convince themselves that you're correct without you saying a word. 
  • ​The Priority Switch
  • ​The Depersonalized Switch
  • ​The Common Ground Switch
  • ​The Listening Switch
  • ​The Individual Switch
  • ​The Non Verbal Switch
  • ​The Humor Switch
  • ​The Appreciation Switch
  • ​The Inspiration Switch
  • ​The Responsibility Switch
  • ​Become a master influencer: Learn the psychological primers that truly help to persuade people of your truths and stop engaging in all the behaviors that make people defensive and deaf to your words.
  • ​Embody Zen Energy: Learn to stay calm and respectful and true to your values even when faced with dissenting opinions - no matter how controversial or ugly. 
  • ​Find Your Voice and Speak Up: Craft a vision of the type of dialogues you DO want to see and begin creating those energies in your relationships, rather than continuing along the losing path of debate.
  • Group Coaching Sessions: 
    Watch the replays of 3 group coaching sessions - unpack the divisive elements that are taking hold on our friendships and communities and strategies ways we can be a grounding, kind, uplifting role model for our families. The most heated, controversial, taboo topics will be unpacked them together, offering you hope, validation and clarity in how to move forward and preserve your most cherished relationships or your good standing in your community. 
“This is soothing my soul in a time when it seems the world is burning down literally and figuratively! I needed a voice of reason in the madness and a guide on how I can be the change- T
How much does it cost? 
A one-time payment of $97 USD purchases instant and lifetime access to the course. As such, we do not offer refunds on this particular course.
How much time is involved in taking the course?
The core content can be watched in less than 3 hours! Since you get lifetime access, you can watch each of the 10 video lessons on your time table and rewatch again and again.
When are the Live Group Coaching Sessions happening?
These sessions will be happening one-time-only for members who join by the deadline of October 14th, 2020. For everyone who joins after this date, can attend the conversation live (happening on October 22, 29 and November 5) or watch the replays. These sessions will be private to members of Depolarize only and will be recorded and offered as replays afterwards in the course. 
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