I used to think homeschooling was for weirdos. 
And then 2020 happened.

I know life is no walk in the park right now... literally. 

You're probably cooped up with young kids, for weeks and months on end. 

You're probably dealing with a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, exhaustion and been thrown completely for a loop in all the different ways. 

So first, let me ask you, from the heart: 
How are you? How is your mindset? How are your relationships?

Let's take a deep breath in together. 
Ah. That's better. 

Now, let's talk homeschool. 

I bet you have questions...
I bet you have concerns...
I bet you're being flooded with a gazillion facebook ads for this curriculum and that one app. 

And I totally get it. 
I certainly had lots of questions when I was trying to navigate the transition to our hybrid style homeschool five or so years ago. 

Truth time:
I've spent my fair share of time crying over homeschool confusion, frustration and wondering if I'm "doing it right" or it's "good enough". 

I’ve spent tears confiding in my husband that I think I’m screwing up. 
I’ve spent breath convincing my husband that I’m not screwing up! 

… we’ve been around the block in our short years of homeschooling our four little ones. 

Taking on the responsibility of our children’s education is hard enough in the best of times. 
But under extraneous circumstances such as social distancing and sudden isolation, filled with anxiety and fear, it’s a million times harder. 

If you’re a sudden homeschooler you might be finding yourself stressed, worried and frazzled. 

And that should not be another energy suck for you in this already incredibly stressful time. 

Listen, this may be hard,
but you can do hard things.

You can turn lemons into lemonade. 
Homeschooling can go from an unwanted circumstance to an intentional choice. 

What will help is
 a simple, actionable, step by step guidance 
from someone who's walked the walk.
A Simple Roadmap
for Worry Free Homeschool
My inbox has been flooded with members of our community asking for step by step support in transitioning to homeschool during these uncertain and confusing times. 

Whatever the turbulence out there, I'm here to help you create peace in there. 

I bet you’ve been flooded with curriculums, online programs, zoom courses and must-have games to teach your child - and you’re not sure which way is up. 

I’m coming for ya!

I've spent years researching pedagogies, testing curriculums, interviewing seasoned homeschoolers and making painful mistakes on my own children - I want to offer you the opportunity to leapfrog over all of that, save time you don't have on endless rabbit-hole research and save money you could use elsewhere on curriculum after curriculum you won't end up using. 
Instead - step inside and spend 3 short hours with me.

I'll show you examples, give you the links, offer you all my swipe files that I use to plan my curriculums (in less than 15 minutes) and explain how I keep my kids up to standards in school in less than an hour a day. 
"I feel a sense of relief. This really is simplified." - Mara

Once you sign up to Focus Time you will be given lifetime access to the exclusive course content. 

The course is built of 3 Modules, plus robust sample videos, resource links and planner templates. You’ll be able to instantly access the entire course and netflix-binge it right away, or check in and pick and choose what speaks to you.

This course will offer you an adaptable, customizable, framework to follow to ensure you're hitting all the basics of education, whilst still raising a life long learner and preserving your child's curiosity in tact.  

However you roll, you can make it work for you. 
  • A PLAN: Know exactly how to spend your time with your little ones each day so that they can keep up with standardized common core subjects - without the tears, frustrations and hours of drilling. 
  • ​RESOURCES: I'll give you the exact links to the few curriculums, games and tools we use and I'll show you examples of us using them. 
  • CLARITY: Know why you should be keeping up with standards but how you can do this without breaking your kids curiosity - all in less than an hour a day. 
  • GUIDANCE:  I'll offer you helpful mindset tips and hard won lessons from the trenches to make this a beautiful, smooth experience for your family. 
  • TROUBLE SHOOTING: I'll show you how I trouble shoot sibling distractions and what my little ones are doing while my older ones "work".  And how to keep things positive even when your kid doesn't super want to do math. 

"You are wonderful! This is exactly what I needed. I want the radical middle and I love that you are holding my hand through this." - Ilana
We're all HERE for a reason.
Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “Maybe there's a silver lining in all this...”
That inner voice is correct. 
Your feelings are on point.
There are crazy and frightening things happening in the world right now, I know. 
Homeschooling may have been the farthest thing from your mind. 
Or maybe it was at the tip of your tongue. 
That whisper: could we do it?

Well, now we're all about to find out whether we like it or not. 
And we get to choose. We can suffer through it and give into the anxiety, stress and endless screen time. 
Or we can roll up our sleeves, put our chins up and give it a go. 
What do we have to loose at this point?

I know there are a 99 problems on your plate right now. 
Let's make sure that homeschooling isn't one.

Take it from a homeschooling mother of four...

You’ll finish the speed-course with crystal clear clarity on what to do everyday to ensure your child’s not “falling behind” without breaking a sweat. 

You can go ahead and “switch off” those facebook ads for all the curriculums, apps and gadgets.

I want you to be fully confident and calm about homeschooling during this time. 

You have enough stress on your plate without the fear that you’re messing up at homeschool, especially given this situation could go on for several weeks, even months. 

A little investment of time and money upfront will save you hours and hours of stress, worry and research. 

Who knows? 

Maybe you’ll get bitten by the homeschool bug and you’ll want to continue forever. 

I am not a teacher, have no degree in childhood development and hold no PhD. 

I’ve just done a Costco-toilet-paper size load of research about pedagogy and educational paths and I’ve been hybrid homeschooling in the flesh for the past 5+ years. 

There’s a way to hit your child’s academic goals, stay “on par” with the standardized school system and still enjoy the freedom and creativity afforded by being home. 

And no, you don’t have to be a drill sergeant. 

My approach is:

 Tear free. 
Worry free. 
Hassle free. 

Let's go!

“This is exactly what parents need right now! I honestly felt a sigh of relief as soon as I started listening to Avital... she really gets what parents are going through and what they need. I was feeling so overwhelmed, but now I'm so excited to start!" - Claire, mother of two
One Time Payment Of
How much does it cost? 
A one-time payment of $48 USD purchases instant and lifetime access to the course. As such, we do not offer refunds on this particular course.
How much time is involved in taking the course?
The core content can be watched in less than 3 hours! You can spend additional time filling out the worksheets and watching the bonus material, but you'll be on your way in less time it takes to bake sprouted gluten-free bread from scratch. Compare that to the five years I spent agonizing over homeschooling.
Is Focus Time a curriculum?
The Focus Time course is not a curriculum, but an approach that allows you to eliminate decision fatigue, make a plan and stop endlessly scrolling the next best curriculum on your instagram feed.  
Will I need to purchase additional resources to use the program?
I do offer links to the curriculums that I use and recommend, but nothing is technically required. It is likely that you will purchase additional resources but the goal will be that you will not overspend on curriculums you don't need! 
What if I already have my own curriculum?
Perfect! Whether Montessori, Waldorf or A Bekah is how you roll - you'll learn how to adapt your choice of curriculum to a worry-free, stress-free, tear-free homeschool experience.
Can I use Focus Time for my preschooler?
The core content is geared toward elementary ages, however we do provide a bonus lesson on preschool age. In it, you'll learn how to begin a positive habit of learning at an early age. 
My child is still very young, is it too soon to get Focus Time?
Just as an expectant parents study EC or sleep training methods before their baby arrives, this may be the perfect time for you to prepare for HOW you're going to homeschool in advance while your child(ren) are still young! 
What age is Focus Time for?
The content is geared toward elementary ages, but the concepts are applicable to older and younger.
Can I benefit from Focus Time if we unschool?
Absolutely! This is a hybrid model of homeschooling that fits nicely with unschooling ideas if it's important to you that your child is meeting grade level expectations on subjects that are important to you.
Can I benefit from Focus Time if my kids do public school virtually?
If you have some flexibility with the amount of time involved and the teachers are open to how your child fulfills the expectations, then you can apply many of the principles learned in this course. Remember, the curriculum choice is up to you - and choosing a public school curriculum is a viable option when using the Focus Time approach.
Will Focus Time be applicable in my country or state?
Focus Time is a course on how to simplify homeschooling. If you have the choice to homeschool in your state or country, you can apply the Focus Time approach no matter what language, curriculum or resources you have available to you.
"I've been wondering if homeschooling is right for me and my family, and I think this course will help us as we make a decision. The course is really inspiring so far! Thank you so much!" - Amy
Need Help or Have More Questions?
We’re happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.