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Present Play is for parents of young children (the recommended age bracket is 0 - 9) who want to intentionally design the life they want for themselves and their kids.

If you want to learn how to facilitate deep, immersive, imaginary play for your child(ren). If you want to manage melt downs with equanimty, sibling rivalry with grace and be the happiest mama or papa you can be - Present Play is for you. 

If you want to declutter, minimize and simplify. If you want to reconnect to nature, to a slower pace of life and to a sense of flow in your day - Present Play is for you. 

Ideal members fall into one of these categories:
You want to prioritize PLAY for your children
If your child doesn't sink into deep play, is addicted to screens or overwhelmed by toys - or your little baby is just starting to show signs of independent play and you want to ensure you have the right set up, toys and materials to support it further...

PRESENT PLAY can help.
You want to feel more PRESENT in your life
If you sense that you're destracted and not "showing up" for your life as a mama. If you feel that you're always hustling, busy, busy, busy and unable to stop and smell the roses. Or if you're so confused by all the parenting info out there - that your head is left spinning...

Present Play can help.
You're striving to be a PEACEFUL parent
Maybe you sense that the yelling, bribing, punishing isn't helping - and you want to support your children's emotional health - but you yourself feel frazzled, anxious worried or even a tad depressed at times...

Present Play can help.
Support your baby in learning to play independently from the get go
We've even had some little Present Players join the membership while they were still in utero! There is no such thing as "too early" to start applying principals of Presence, Play and Peace. 
Learn how to effectively coach siblings through conflict 
Oh I know sibling conflict can be maddening - but it doesn't have to be (at least not all of the time). There's plenty we CAN do to help create and foster a non-competitive environment at home and the skills to solve conflict with equanimity. 
Declutter and design a space you'll all love
Clutter is rated as one of the top stressors for today's modern mother. It's no small thing. But decluttering isn't as easy as it sounds as there's plenty of guilt, worry and attachment wrapped up in our "stuff". We want to ensure you're feeling pampered and relaxed at home - and that can only happen with minimalism and a good solid storage system in place (you'll soon see how). 
Find the village of like minded parents you've been craving
Hey maybe you're the lucky unicorn who has a whole village of like-minded parents living right near by you. But most of us feel truly isolated in our parenting approach. If you want to connect more to nature, slow down and parent kindly - you're probably in the minority (sad!). But we're NOT designed to go this alone. That's why the online world can be a life saver - providing us with answers, comraderie, support and validation we might never have found otherwise.
Feel confidence in supporting your child's emotional health
Kids... they come with melt downs, fears, anxieties, difficult and aggressive behaviors, confusing temperements and major developmental leaps... but they don't come with a manual. 
Drawing on the latest research and most profound work of our mentors - we'll learn together how to best support their emotional growth.
Curate the materials, toys and home that support your values and vision
Find the toys, the materials and the books that support your child's interest, developmental stage and temperament - and don't break the bank in the process. 
Reconnect with nature and simple living
Getting outside and feeling more connected to mother earth has so many proven benefits - but it can be hard to prioritize when our culture isn't "for it". Present Play will encourage you to get outside more, no matter the weather. 
Bring art, mess and creative expression into your home in the best possible way
I know many of us are afraid of getting messy! Mess can be triggering! But it's so important for young kids (and adults!) to have free creative license and exploration. Let's make that a mainstay in your home, minus the stress. 
Gemma, a teacher and behavior therapist, 
was second guessing herself at every turn
"I heard about Present Play at the time when I really needed the support. My eldest wasn't playing on his own, he was always tantruming, hitting his baby brother, I was overwhelmed by the housework and clutter. I was second guessing myself at every turn"

My background is in child development and teaching and I had worked as a behavior therapist for years but I could not get myself together.

Immediately after getting my membership I started listening to your videos every chance I got. I absorbed it all and I started to notice how well my baby was playing on his own and eventually see small changes in my toddler. 

The house started to get decluttered. I started to be calmer, and then actually start to enjoy my days. And then I had time (especially with less clutter) to remember and return to my passions in life. I was starting to heal my childhood pain. These last few days I've been relating to my children from pure love. It's been the most wonderful snowball effect." - Gemma
Carrie and her husband were angry every day, 
their son was aggressive and needed constant attention.
"BEFORE: My husband and I got angry every day. It hurt to love my oldest son, I was in a constant state of fear, I felt insecure all the time, I yelled, I even physically hurt my son at times. My son showed aggressive behavior. He did not play by himself, my son asked for our attention constantly
AFTER: More and more peaceful days started to come. I became confident as a mother. I am no longer scared, I no longer feel insecure. On the contrary, being a mother has become a joy and something that gives me energy. My son calmed down. His aggressive behavior subsided. My children started playing independently
Joining Present Play was the best thing I could have done for me and my family. And considering I have only watched about 15% of the content, that is quite miraculous I would say." 
- Carrie
Being at home with young kids can be so isolating. And some online groups can end up making you feel worse than before! Not this one... 
This community is strictly
Guilt Free
That's one rule we really enforce.
We're a village of parents who care deeply about presence and flow - beyond that - whatever works for you is A-OK. You will never get shamed, blamed or preached at and this is about having fun in the process. Baring witness to eachothers growth, sharing frustrations and celebrating wins.

So don't worry if you use screens excessively, if you're vegan (or not), if you wean (or not!), if you co-sleep, if you spank, if you're a WAHM or a SAHM or WOHM or whatever.

We love you just as you are.
"There is no drama here."
"Wish I had found this years ago!"
- Angela
"The wealth of ideas for any aspect of play and life is just wonderful."
- Anita
Present Play is led by Avital, a Mindful Parenting Coach and creator of the loved show The Parenting Junkie. 
Avital's mission is to help you to LOVE parenting and to parent from LOVE. She's a designer-turned Parenting Coach who believes that all we can really control is our environments (design) and ourselves (mindfulness).

“A WONDERFUL concept. So many parents need this kind of instruction! Avital’s work opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue for parents to focus on approaching parenting consciously.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of The Awakened Family 

"Avital offers sound, smart advice that will shift the parenting paradigm to a deeper, more mindful approach.”

Dr. Laura Markham, Author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids
And you'll be the first in line when doors open again! Submit your first name and email address and we'll send you some more details.