Don’t Just Survive... Thrive!

Move over, Corona, there’s a new pandemic in town. 

It’s Play! 

And it’s spreading like wildfire throughout the globe....

I know, COVID-19 is no laughing matter - my heart aches for all those suffering from it’s far reaching effects. We’re going to meet the panic, fear and uncertainty with passion, purpose and joy. In this FREE 28-page ebook + course, you'll find an offering of guidance, reassurance and practical steps to transform your forced-seclusion and social distancing into a true family retreat.  

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in, make it your own and share it out

Let’s spread the #PlayPandemic like a wild fire.🔥

What You'll Get Inside The Guide:
Time Management
Hundreds of you are writing in asking me how to handle time management, how to work from home, what to DO all day with your children and how to preserve your sanity. 

As a homeschool mother of four and Performance Coach for parents - I'VE GOT YOU! 
My team, community and I have been training for this for years and we are HERE to help you! 

In this guide to staying home with kids you'll find 7 DAILY ELEMENTS to transform your quarantine into a family retreat. Complete with a checklist and sample schedule. 
Mindset Support
These are scary and uncertain times. I'm going to help you combat the fear with faith, the cortisol with dopamine, the uncertainty with unwavering optimism

I've recorded two short meditations for you - you can do them even while feeding your toddler their oatmeal or while cleaning. They're designed to rewire your brain for elevation, focus and keeping that chin up, buttercup. 

Even if you've never meditated before - these are quick and punchy. One is a morning meditation to get you going right and the other is an evening meditation to unwind and let go. Namaste.
Parenting Skills
The Play Guru course is one module that we've extracted from our popular Present Play membership I'm so excited to share this with you for FREE during Corona-crises! Desperate times call for passionate measures and we are passionate about play

To help you step into this uncharted territory we're making a big bold suggestion: Get bitten by the play bug and get infected with the play pandemic. I'm not making light of COVID-19 and all of it's very real consequences - but we have a choice whether to cry or roll up our sleeves and make lemonade out of lemons, right? 

This course will help you do that and offer your children memories that will last a lifetime. 
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