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I'm Avital.

You want a present, peaceful and playful family life? I'm here to help you make that a reality.

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Welcome to a day in my life!

In this video you’ll see a day in my life as a work at home mom to 4 littles.

My life is not extraordinary, or spectacular.
There’s nothing special about me or my family.
I’m not particularly interesting, talented or smart. 

We are ordinary people with ups, downs, challenges and wins. 

So really, there’s nothing interesting about my day and no real reason for you to watch it (😉).

And this day isn’t especially different from any of our other days (although there were surprisingly few melt downs) and there’s no “secret” or fancy trick I’ll be exposing.

The truth is…

My day is fascinating.

Because all of our days are fascinating.

Our lives and how we choose to live them are incrediblyinteresting.

The small, moment by moment decisions and choices that make up our days (weeks, months and years) are a reflection of who we are and who we want to be.

Your day is fascinating.

  • How do you wake up in the morning?
  • What do meal times feel like? 
  • When are your unseen special moments?I believe in the power of small moments to create the meaning and satisfaction we seek in our lives.

I’m sharing this not because I’m something special, but because I hope that seeing my flow can inspire you to create yours in a way that reflects yourjoy.

Resources Shown in the Video:

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath
Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak
Today by Julie Morstad
Ada Twist Scientist by Andrea Beaty
Bedtime Math by Laura Overdeck
Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty
Sound Machine
Kids Beds – Ikea
Planner: Clever Fox Planner enter code “JUNKIE10” for 10% off!


What does your daily routine look like? What do you feel proud of and what times of the day are your most challenging? Remember – we are in this together!


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16 Replies to “A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom”

  1. I always pick up lots of good tips from you that help with our daily flow. From your last DITL I started making dinner at 3pm. I like that you work out at the beginning of your day so it gets done—trying that now. All the self care 🙂

  2. Hi! Very grateful for you, Avital! I’m an unschooling mother of three, ages 3, 5, & 7. Daddy is gone 2 to 3 weeks each month for work. I spend quite a lot of time preparing meals and cleaning them up. There always seems to be one who will not eat. This area is a challenge for me. Did not see you cooking or cleaning in the video, although your feast looks delicious! Does your husband do this? Do the kids help out to clean afterwards? Would love to hear your tips and advice. Thank you!

    1. Hey Amber! Oh I can definitely relate – no my husband is also not home this year during the week. I do it with the help of my wonderful babysitter/ housekeeper Christina and I try to involve the kids although that’s challenging. I get the frustration of preparing a meal and having someone not willing to eat – I’m pretty non accommodating there. We prepare a few different foods and I always say there’s definitely something here you could eat, and if not you’re probably not hungry. I also let them prepare themselves (the big two anyway) an avocado toast or take a fruit. Sending loads of love!

  3. Thank you for sharing it with us. It does look like a usual day of your life. And it is inspiring. I understand while watching that my days might be a little bit different, but still look like your and days of other moms out there. We just do what we think is best for our families and children. So thank you a lot for showing us one of your ordinary days. And I really like the message “to believe in the power of small and every moment”. Thank you for your work and your passion about parenting and your contribute into it! Lots of love

  4. Loved!!!! Great flow and energy. Love the feeling we are growing with your little ones. Thank you for sharing these precious moments and insights.

  5. Avital this was so inspiring to watch! I homeschool and I was wondering why you only do 15 minutes of homeschooling per day? Is that for each kid? I didn’t even know that was possible! Haha.

    1. I honestly find that my son can’t focus for longer than that! So actual “textbook” work is a max of 15 minutes a day. 30 TOPS! I currently only do it with my 7 year old as I find my 5 year old is not ready or interested much yet. We do a lot of non formal talking exploring and learning together. But no formal homeschooling. I’m more of an unschooler at heart but math and Hebrew are things I do want to teach formally.

  6. Hi, Avital,
    I honestly think you should make a cooking tutorial with those dishes. They are so wonderfully arranged on the plate.
    But I also have a question regarding independent play. My 4 year old likes to play with legos and wooden cubes etc. On his own, but sometimes he gets frustrated when pieces don’t fit and has massive tantrums. Have you ever experienced such behavior with your little ones or what would suggest in dealing with frustration. I have listened to your peaceful tantrums webinar so many times, and I wish someone would tell me my boy will eventually grow out of this. Thank you

    1. Thank you Simona! You have a great question and I want to encourage you to post it on our Love Parenting with Avital Facebook Group (, where you’ll find non-judgmental advice and support. To me, it sounds like normal behavior for young children to get frustrated with toys that are too challenging for their current stage of development. I hope to see you in our Facebook Group! – Tracy xxx

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