5 Scripts to Flip  Right Now To Stop Going Insane

* Model Is Shown Before The Unstuck Workshop

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and worried... It's time to hack your mindset.

In this *FREE* session I'll show you how to flip these five common thoughts into Zen Ninja Mindsets that will serve your highest wellbeing, right now. 

Warning: After implementing what you learn in this live session, you'll be so chill people might wonder what you're smoking.


September 30th at 11:00am ET (New York Time)
The thing is that living with these thoughts flashing through our brains, unchallenged, 63,452 times a day can keep us totally stuck.
They do nothing to help us rise to the occasion, overcome challenge, feel better about ourselves or about life… 

Instead they leave us feeling disempowered and helpless. 

The great news is: there’s something you can do about them. 
If you actively address the mindsets that are keeping your small and suffering - you can grow stronger, more resilient and just plain old happier… switching out these “broken” mantras with scripts that actually elevate you - can make life so much easier, more enjoyable and manageable, even when times are genuinely tough. 


Meet your host - Avital (*ahem*, me!)

I'm a mother of four and a Performance Coach for parents. I teach parents how to love parenting and parent from love. 

My Mission: To help you Create Family Bliss

Our values: Peace, Presence and Play.

Times are particularly challenging for us parents right now, without our village of support and with increased levels of anxiety. I am here to champion you and coach you. I believe that if we don't let this break us, then it will make us stronger. 

Stronger as parents, as families, as humans. 

I know there is so much that is currently out of our control. But the mindsets we choose to adopt is firmly in our control and has a huge impact on our mental health and the wellness of our families as a whole. 

I know your time is very precious, so my promise to you is to make this session highly actionable. It is not a long winded sales pitch. It's a practical how-to because that's what we all need right now.  

I will absolutely tell you all about Alchemize and if it's a fit for you, I will invite you to join us there and experience quantum leaps in your family's flow and joy. 

However even if Alchemize isn't for you just yet, you will walk away from this free session inspired and ready to take action. 

See you on the inside, 
Avital xxx

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