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Our Daily Flow

Recently many of you have asked me to create a “day in the life” video. And to be honest, I really hesitated. First of all, it’s so personal. When I put this video together I had this fear of being judged for some reason. As though, I weren’t doing it right or something! Then I realized hey, this is my life and if it’s right for me, it’s right! Can you relate to that feeling?

Then I thought what if it seems like I’m making it look “too perfect”? I know, this is the opposite fear of the first one, but what if people think I think too much of myself or like our days are ideal? So here’s my disclaimer… I am very grateful to say that our days are ideal, but – wait for it – they’re ideal for us. That doesn’t mean I think everyone should have this schedule, even if that were possible. This isn’t a how-to video, it’s just a little snapshot, a diary, if you like.

Also, not pictured here, are the meltdowns, the arguments, the tantrums (both my children’s and my own)… because, frankly, I don’t want to show anyone those. They’re not pretty and I like pretty things ????  No, honestly, after some consideration I have decided not to show my children’s melt downs out of respect for their privacy (there, I found a noble reason not to show them). It just didn’t seem like something I should be putting out there for the world to see. So you’re not seeing the tushies I’m wiping or the extent of the tears or the whining (also because it’s fast-forwarded like 1,000x).

Lastly, I worried that it’s hard to say what “A day in my life” means, exactly, seeing as each of our days is slightly different. A day when the children go to their preschool program vs a day at home, a weekend day vs a weekday, a summer vs a winter day – these are all drastically different, I thought. And then I realized that that was not entirely true.


No matter what our main outing is (the playground, the forest, their preschool, the museum or a playdate) the truth is that the rhythm of our days is actually pretty set. Sure, as the baby grows, and as the seasons change there are always changes and exceptions. But for the most part there are always long stretches of unstructured time at home, there is always our rhythmic bedtime routine, there is always breakfast and dinner together.

We put a huge, deliberate and premeditated emphasis on slow living and on reclaiming play in our children’s childhood, and hopefully, even at the fast pace, that is something that comes through in this video. In this season of our lives our routine goes something like this:

6:00am – around the time we wake up. The boys are usually up before this and they go into the art room (homeschool room, studio, whatever) and start working on their various projects (I usually strew something out for them the night before, as you’ll see at the end).

6:30am – Baby wakes up, I nurse and we get up. My first thing is to get dressed, make my bed and do something with my hair and face (emphasis on something). That way I feel like I can start the day like a human. Baby uses potty, I dress her and we join the boys in the art room.

7:00am – We head downstairs for breakfast. Cereal. Oatmeal. No great pride, but no great shame here.

7:30am – Kids are playing, drawing or working on math/writing books (if they want to, I swear!). I’m usually cleaning up breakfast and cooking food for the rest of the day.

8:00am – Baby goes up for morning nap. Boys keep playing.

8:30am – I check my emails, do some work, make some phone calls and plan our outing for the day (if it isn’t something fixed in the schedule already). I’m cleaning, arranging and helping the boys figure out any disagreements.

9:00am – Baby is up from nap, I nurse, get shoes on and we’re heading out the door. Oh wait, everyone’s hungry again, second breakfast here we come!

9:30am – We’re out the door. We’re off to the forest for co-op meet up, to a play space, to a museum, to their preschool or to our local playground. Wherever we go we hang out and play, baby naps in stroller or carrier, nurses whenever and we all have a picnic lunch.

1:00pm – We’re back home and it’s time for nap for my 3 year old, and sometimes me and the baby, too. My 5 year old is not allowed to disturb anyone’s sleep but he is allowed to join us and snuggle, or to look at books, listen to audiobooks or play quietly. This *usually* works.

2:00pm – Everyone wakes up and it’s TV time. The boys watch a show (Daniel Tiger, Sid the Science Kit and Wild Kratts are our favorites). Baby plays. I work. They usually have a plate of fruit and veg in front of the TV and I try not to offer any food after this until dinner time.

3:00pm – TV off and playtime. We usually do a playdate, go out and jump on the trampoline, do a book marathon, play lego, or go to the park again.

4:00pm – Baby has final catnap in the stroller or on the go. I prepare dinner. Boys play.

5:00pm Dinner time. We sit down together (sometimes daddy joins us) and we eat. When things are testy I read to them during dinner. Sometimes they eat like famished wolves, sometimes they look at the food in disgust and touch nothing. Eh, life, you know?

5:30pm – Up for bath. Usually all three together. Bubbles. PVC. Music. It’s a festival.

6:00pm – Hanging. Chilling. Unwinding. Rough housing. Reading. Books and more books. Nursing.

7:00pm – Everyone’s asleep. I tidy up and strewing the activities for the morning.

7:30pm – Adult dinner time.

8:00pm – Work time for Mama.

9:00pm – Unwind time.



Do you have a rhythm? Daily flow? Weekly flow? Tell me about it!


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3 Replies to “A Day In My Life Home With 3 Littles”

  1. We’re struggling to make our routine happen with the two children age 3 & almost 6months. I feel like I’m always doing nap time! How old was your baby girl during this time? My baby only sleeps on me or with me. We just started my 3yr old at preschool 2 mornings a week so she could get a little stimulation that I wasn’t able to give her at home. I’ve been fighting PPD and anxiety and have a hard time with sleep. My 3yr old still naps but requires help to do so and it was working me rocking both girls and laying down with both of them for a couple months but now they are playing: making noises and keeping each other from sleeping. I grove on a good routine and so do both the girls but it’s so hard trying to get everyone’s needs met. Advice? Thanks

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