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I'm Avital.

You want a present, peaceful and playful family life? I'm here to help you make that a reality.

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My Three Passions: Presence, Play, & Peace​

Several years ago, we moved across the Atlantic ocean and set up a new home, in a new land, with no friends or family, and with 2 little boys. The move forced my husband and I to figure out our family values and goals, to create a meaningful and satisfying home life, and to tackle a deep sense of isolation. We both felt deflated and conflicted after uprooting our little ones. Frankly, we felt a bit depressed, and so alone. 7 years, 4 moves and now with 5 kids in tow, my life looks very different today!

I followed my passion and made the transition from being a full-time designer to being a full-time mindful parenting coach. My mission, values, and vision have taken shape in a big way, and a dream that was brewing for a long time came true. The stars aligned and a community of like-minded parents who were eager to learn, grow, and cultivate a deep sense of connection at home formed around me.

The community is called Present Play. It’s an online membership, and it’s how I earn a living and support my team – but it’s so much more than that.

Present Play is a movement.

In Present Play, I have seen thousands of parents from over 70 countries around the world create giant transformations at home with their little ones. This is as powerful as the online world gets… people coming together to claim these beautiful values as their own:

  1. Presence – Mindfulness and presence are among the community’s core values.
  2. Play – Reclaiming long hours of independent, immersive, imaginary play is the very essence of this movement.
  3. Peace – Parenting from a place of respect, kindness and compassion is what we strive for.

So, what exactly is Present Play?

Let me break down some of the many benefits of Present Play:

Core Content: There are 12 monthly themes we tackle throughout the year in Present Play. In each area, you will find the content and support to gradually transform your mindset, environment and relationships to create family bliss.

Here’s what a year in Present Play looks like:

  • MAY: CREATE HAVEN: Feeling disorganized, haphazard, uninspired? The Present Play year kicks off in May with Creating Haven. By the end of this month, you’ll be admiring the beautiful zones you created, wondering “Where has Present Play been all my life?” You’ll learn the proprietary 5-zone method and will be guided through it step-by-step with fail-proof videos. No design sense? No problem! We’re here to help every step of the way. 
  • JUNE: CREATE PLAY: A few minutes to myself? Yes, please! Once you’ve created your zones, it’s time to ensure your child can play independently. Does your child cling to you? Refuse to play? Leave you feeling over-involved, on edge or ineffective? By the end of this month, you’ll know how to support your child in independent play without nags, threats, and bribes!
  • JULY: CREATE CULTURE: Now that your kid is playing (phew!) you might still be feeling FOMO, aimless or blasé – like the days, weeks and months just blur into each other. July is the month to create meaningful family experiences and get a clear picture of the types of things you want to spend your time, money and energy on as a family. This month is a game-changer! 
  • AUGUST: CREATE FLOW: You’ve got a sense of what culture you want in your family but… how is your relationship with time? Ever have those days where it’s 4 pm and you haven’t ticked anything off your to-do list? You might be looking down at Cheerio-covered pyjamas and wondering what happened to the shower, laundry, phone call or hike you were gonna take. We all sometimes feel frazzled, unproductive, rushed or bored. Whether you run like a Swiss train or you’re guided by the wind – this month you’ll gain a purposeful daily rhythm that will offer a sense of control, calm and presence with your little ones. 
  • SEPTEMBER: CREATE VILLAGE: Feeling isolated, unsupported, judged? Now your schedule is running smooooth, but… where is everybody? They say it takes a village but many of us don’t have one! You’re SO not alone. Most of us feel like we’re on an island… until we join Present Play! September is the month where you’ll be supported to seek satisfying connections that make parenting more joyful and manageable. 
  • OCTOBER: CREATE MASTERY: Feeling unqualified, stagnant, incompetent? So far, we’ve addressed our homes, our time, and relationships. But what about us? There may be some skills you’ve been wanting to develop but never found the time – like improving your backhand serve or learning Microsoft Excel 3.1. By the end of this month, you’ll have worthwhile skills that will catapult your confidence and make you a BOSS in your field of expertise. Excellent modelling for your little ones, too. Way to go!
  • NOVEMBER: CREATE SPACE: Are you feeling cluttered, messy and overwhelmed by the time November rolls around? The holidays are right around the corner, which means the clutter is, too! This month, you’ll follow easy-peasy steps to creating space with fellow Present Players as your accountability buddies – just in time to end the year with a bang!
  • DECEMBER: CREATE VISION: A new year and a new beginning is just around the corner. Do you know who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there? Do those questions alone leave you feeling disoriented, scatterbrained or “behind”? When you go through this process, you’ll be uplifted and inspired with a compelling plan for your family that gets you excited about what’s to come! 
  • JANUARY: CREATE PRESENCE: With the holiday mayhem behind us, and with a clear and compelling vision in hand – we need to step into our leadership role to become the type of parent who can take our family where it needs to go. Does being the CEO leave you feeling insecure, inhibited or avoidant? By the end of January, you’ll have an empowered mindset that will bolster your confidence and mojo. 
  • FEBRUARY: CREATE PEACE: Feeling triggered, combative or defeated? February is the month of love, but most families experience big conflicts year-round. Sibling rivalry, marital spats or arguments with your children might leave you feeling decidedly un-peaceful. By the end of February, you will have masterful communication skills that make you a peaceful ninja no one should mess with!
  • MARCH: CREATE POWER: Feeling confused, exasperated, like a victim? Now that we’ve mastered our mindset and communication skills, it’s time to handle parenting issues. In March, you’ll gain practical parenting solutions to handle whatever behaviors your child “throws” at you!
  • APRIL: CREATE ENERGY: By this point, we’ve spent 11 incredible months up-leveling our parenting, rearranging our homes and schedules, and taking care of the most important people in our lives. Let’s not forget about #1… YOU! You’ve done incredible work. But burnout is a real danger when we’re giving, giving, giving. If you feel depleted, exhausted or resentful, this is the month when we put real-life, sustainable self-care in place so that you can have abundant strength to handle everything on your plate! 

Community: Our online community is a guilt-free zone where we support each other. Members often pop by with a live video to share what’s happening in their play zone, or reach out to seek empathy during a mega toddler tantrum. It’s the best mom’s group on the internet. Yep, I said it… and I meant it!

Live Sessions: These deep dive lectures address raw and emotional topics such as handling big emotions, guilt, fear, frustration and pain. We talk about mindfulness, decluttering, and letting go of what your mother-in-law just said about your discipline style (or lack thereof).

Guest Experts: Sleep experts, psychologists, social workers, authors, and coaches… the experts I interview monthly for Present Play give us fresh perspectives, insights and good ol’ fashioned advice. I learn so much from these people, I almost feel I can go easy on the books! 

Greater Access: This is my members’ club! People in Present Play are always the first to know of new products, events and trainings. They enjoy deep discounts and are on the receiving end of endless bonuses and love. 

Doors are only open ONCE A YEAR! Get on the waiting list today so you don’t miss out!


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