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What To Wear For Breastfeeding


How many of us feel confused on what to wear for breastfeeding? Feeling and looking your best even when nursing can be an overlooked element in continuing to nurse successfully, and for longer. Often how we dress is a reflection of our emotional state. Putting yourself together and showing up for the day and life is critical in that endeavor.

I believe it’s so important for mothers to go out into the world feeling shiny.

On that note, I encourage you not to stay in your pajamas all day (even if you’re at home the whole time.) If you can, fully get dressed and put yourself together. Even do one extra thing that feels good, and is just for you. Maybe it’s wearing baby friendly jewelry, doing your hair, or wearing great shoes.  I highly recommend you curate a wardrobe that you love and supports your nursing.

10 Must Know Tips (I’ve got you covered!)

  1. Heather Prints
    Go for a top with a heather effect, or some sort of print. The reason for this is that these mask potential stains. Your baby is bound to spit up, or you may have some sort of leaking. A solid T-shirt will show it off to the world! This has definitely happened to me! How about you? (SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW) Feel your best by wearing something that hides those stains a little better.
  2. Button Downs and Zippers
    Because you gotta get to the goods! This way you can open just the button that you need to when it’s time to feed, or zip down just a little. It also helps if they are slightly looser than usual. This way you can use the top to cover up as well. If you want to, that is.
  3. Double Up With a Tank or Shelf Bra Underneath
    There are different types of tanks that are good to pull down when you need to, but stretchy is usually best. You can get nursing tanks that detach at the straps, and typically include a comfortable built in shelf bra. Alternatively you can wear a normal stretchy tank and/or shelf bra that you already have, not specifically for nursing. Wearing a tank under a looser, longer layer is a great way to ensure coverage, and you may find that baby likes to be cocooned in there  as it minimizes distractions from the outer world.  This can help your baby focus on eating, especially as he gets closer to 4 or 5 months old. If neither you nor baby don’t like to be covered up, then you may find you don’t even need to double up.
  4. Waistcoats, Ponchos,  and Wraps
    These can be worn over a basic T-shirt from which you have access at the top. How we dress is a reflection of our emotional state. I believe it's so important for mothers to go out into the world feeling shiny.via @ParentingJunkieTweet This They also double as a nursing cover, and can be used to cover stains or as a blanket for your baby.
  5. Scarves
    Have a scarf on hand that is not too tight, a bit stretchy and flexible. Extra points if it is one you love! When it’s time to nurse, you can just extend it downwards for coverage in a jiffy.
  6. Nursing Cover
    Keep a dedicated nursing cover with you. You don’t need to worry about extra layers. I love mine, with its wire ring. A convenient way to nurse once you and baby figure out how to do it, is to breastfeed while baby is actually in a baby carrier. You can pop a nursing cover over top of the whole carrier plus baby, and still make eye contact with your little darling.
  7. Nursing Bras/Tanks
    I cannot stress comfort here enough! This is one I love. Alternatively a comfy sports bra that is stretchy enough to pull down also works great. 
  8. Nursing Pads
    If you’re nervous about leaking it can upset your nursing relationship! So if you are, nursing pads can provide confidence that no one will notice and you also won’t feel uncomfortable, wet, or sticky.
  9. Change of Clothes
    You’d be surprised how often you might need a change of clothes when you’re out and about with a newborn! I try to always have an easy change of outfit with me when I go places.
  10. Leggings or Pants Under a Dress
    With this simple addition, you can lift the full dress up when you need access for nursing. I know how hard it is to find clothes that fit and look great AND are breastfeeding friendly. This hack can do the trick. Of course, you can also find a dress with buttons, or that has access from the top just like the above tips suggest.


Lastly, I want to encourage  a no judgement, zero guilt zone when it comes to how we feed our babies. Whether you nurse, or bottle feed. Whether you pump or don’t. Whether you tandem nurse or don’t. Whether you go back to work or not. Whatever the case, or whatever the reason. Let’s celebrate the diversity of how humans care for their young ones.  Come on over to our online community Facebook Group to join thousands of other intentional parents from diverse backgrounds!

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