Just like everyone else, your people may be struggling to find a work/life balance. 

But unlike everyone else: You can actually help them with that.

If you're in charge of a team and you're looking for ways to support them - you've come to the right place. 
When people are preoccupied with personal challenges - it's impossible for them to be fully free to focus on their work.  Family stresses, relationship issues, and parenting problems can all cause employee work performance to suffer. 

Working parents are often the hungriest, most creative and hard working individuals on a team - they've learned to multi-task, to maximise their time and they're often stable and committed. 

However, they also have to deal with some important distractions such as:
- Interruptions when they're working from home
- Major life decisions such as choosing an educational path for their children
- Big and small crises in their adult relationship and in their children's development 

When you, as an employer, manager or leader of a community, offer proactive support to your community of working parents, you send them this message:

I see you as a whole, complex individual. 
I realize every part of your life needs to work in harmony. 
I'm here to support you in achieving your goals. 

I’d love to offer you a powerful way to support your team, community, and employees right now. 

Support your people in their family life and
liberate them to focus on work.

Our workshops are designed to coach your team members through their family challenges and provide skills, tools and encouragement as they do so. 
If you'd like to bring in a fresh new offering and perspective that will help your team thrive, browse the list below to see what speaks to your needs. We are able to cater to your individual team dynamics, to build out workshops that specifically answer the challenges that are unique to your industry, and to offer one-on-one coaching packages. Just be in touch with us and let us know what you're looking for - we'll design a webinar, masterclass or coaching experience that fits your needs, timetable and budget. 
"We allocated more than 30 minutes for real time coaching where we addressed the issues many parents are struggling to overcome. Participants experienced multiple insights and afterwards expressed gratitude to the HR team for offering this type of resource.
 - HR Manager, Google Inc

Give your community the coaching they need
so that work/ life becomes more of a balance.

The Structure
We'll work with you to create the structure that best fits your people's needs at the moment. For example:

- Webinars
- Group Coaching
- Courses
- Q&A sessions
- One-On-One coaching
- Lecture Series

Our workshops are always supported with the relevant slides, journal prompts or worksheets to help create the most meaningful transformations. 
The Content
Choose from our popular workshop topics, combine topics, or connect with us to have workshops tailor made to suit your group's needs:


Work at Home Hacks
Working at home with kids is difficult, no doubt. Conference calls with screaming children, trying to type with a baby drooling on your keyboard... As a work at home mother of four kids herself, The Parenting Junkie offers the keys to being productive through the small, moment by moment decisions and choices that make up our days.

Working & Parenting When You Have No Support
The pandemic has brought upon new challenges and many parents are faced with little to no respite. Parents will learn how to manage work and home life successfully (and even enjoy it) while still practicing physical distancing.

How To Encourage Independent Play (and Get Work DONE!)
The Parenting Junkie firmly believes that all children are born with the capacity, and the drive, to get lost in their imagination. But independent play isn’t just important for children’s sense of agency, it’s vital for parents, too. Having a child with a robust inner world is a gift for them and us. Participants will walk away with what it takes to cultivate independent play, and the tools to set up a home environment that deeply engages children (so you can work!)

Play Space Design
If working from home is the problem, independent play is the solution. Learn how to remodel any home into a play-inducing haven (in less than an hour and on a $0 budget!) The Parenting Junkie shares the 5 play zones to set up (you can do it in a shoebox,) how to do it, what goes in each zone, and what type of play is cruicial for your kids. 

How to "Get it All Done"
Learn how to be productive, get more stuff done in the day, and remain present for your children as well.  The Parenting Junkie offers time management tips, vital mindset shifts, and efficiency hacks to get it all done! 


Love Parenting & Parent From Love
Parents often struggle with feelings of inadequacy and like they don't measure up.  There are so many different (and contradictory!) parenting philosophies out there:  Attachment, RIE, Montessori, Waldorf, Gentle, Peaceful… How do you decide what's right for you? The Parenting Junkie shares how to design a life you love, enjoy parenting, and feel good about the way you parent - whatever way that might be!

Peaceful, Conscious, Mindful Parenting
Learn how to build respectful relationships with yourself, your partner, and your children - relationships that your loved one won't need to recover from! Develop an awareness like never before to transform the way you parent and partner - even when the most peaceful attemps just don't seem to WORK!

Solo Parenting
When you’re solo, you shoulder the entire burden of the household both physically (dishes, laundry, shopping, housework), and emotionally (appointments, tantrums, school meetings, carpools, running the schedule, etc.) Learn how to embrace your leadership role, battle resentment, and kibosh that victim mindset.

How to Discipline Your Child
Do you ever wonder how we can discipline our children in a way that’s effective, meaningful, and peaceful? The Parenting Junkie offers an uncomfortable yet empowering approach, and shares 3 actionable steps toward better discipline!

Holding Empathic Limits & Setting Loving Boundaries
The Parenting Junkie teaches an effective, peaceful, healthy parenting approach to parents who want more connection and more collaboration with their children. Instead of using the innate approach of counting to 3, this workshop will challenge parents to rewire the way they approach communication and limit setting. 


Siblings without Rivalry
How to handle sibling rivalry is a question that comes in so often. Parents will discover the 4 mistakes they may be making that push sibling relationships farther apart. By following these tips, they will learn to address the root cause of sibling rivalry and help their kids to grow up as partners instead of rivals. 

How To Get Kids to Listen (Without Yelling!)
This will help parents understand the whole host of reasons why kids don’t hear, don’t listen, or don’t cooperate with others. The Parenting Junkie shares tips, scripts, and mindset shifts to communicate with children effectively so they feel heard - and so parents do too.

Raising Toddlers
The toddler years are challenging. As we face changes in our child’s behaviour we may feel unsure of how to handle them. What’s more, the entry into toddlerhood is often coupled with a parent’s return to work. Learn to navigate this unsettling time for both parent and toddler as everyone adjusts to different routines.

How to Handle Anger & Triggers in Parenting
Anger - we all feel it, and we all act on it.  However – mix in some sleepless nights (read: years) and a bucket-load of anxiety, and there you have it – the perfect cocktail of rage. The Parenting Junkie shares profound shifts, concepts, and tricks to help parents the next time they're face-to-face with anger. 

Power Struggles & The Power of Play
Raising children means lots of inevitable frustrations and conflict every single day. The Parenting Junkie shares the power of playfulness through examples, lists, and phrases to help our children cope with stress, connect with us, and even get their cooperation more easily.

Handling Big Emotions
Hitting, biting, screaming about snacks, toys, screens... it's common for parents to feel at a loss when it comes to handle big emotions. The Parenting Junkie shares what parents can do to help children move through their emotions and come out healthier on the other side.


Allowances, Chores and Money Skills
Should you pay for chores? Is allowance a good idea? Money management is a key life skill. Come for some great ideas on how to help our children learn responsible, ethical, creative and entrepreneurial approaches to money. 

Life Skills
Learn how to help your child develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation & problem-solving skills - exactly what they need to become independent, self-sufficient, and successful adults. 

Raising a Confident Child
Learn practical tips that nurture children's self-confidence. Pave the way for healthy decision-making and self-worth. In this thought-provoking workshop, participants will discover ways to guide children towards positive self-esteem by gaining a better understanding of where and how a child's self image is impacted, and learning how to help and what to avoid.


3 Secrets To A Better Relationship With Your Co-Parent
Solo and partnered parents will benefit from these key ways that help nourish co-parenting partnerships. This workshop provides ways to continue and regain communication, compassion and respect with your co-parent, in a way that'll make you proud that your kids were there to see. 


School? Goodbye Indecision, HELLO CLARITY!
Decide LIVE during this workshop - should you have your kids homeschool, public school, or something else this year? Learn about different education methods available and work through The Parenting Junkie's Decision Matrix to finally feel clear and confident in your path of education.
"During our 90 minute workshop parents learned how to structure their days, optimize their energy, and recharge for their own wellbeing." 
Performance Coach For Visionary Parents
As a full time entreupreneur and a homeschooling mother of four, I fully understand the plight of today's working parents - trying to do it all. 

My work as a performance coach allows me to help parents to overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotaging approaches to their parenting and partnering - so that they can be liberated to truly enjoy meaningful family life in harmony with productive careers. 

My coaching style is pragmatic, uplifting, validating with a generous sprinkling of tough-love. My goal is to help you see real results in your life with both children and work - so that you can navigate the "impossible" and "illusive" work-life dance. 

No matter where you are on the corporate heiarchy - you're the founder and CEO of your family. I can help you show up like a boss there, and create a big vision for your home life, so you can go out and create big ripples in the world as well. 

"WFH (working from home) while parenting has introduced a whole new level of complexity into the lives of our workforce. We looked to Avital to share practical tips and mindsets to not only survive this extended WFH period but to actually thrive.
 - Erika, Head of Learning & Development for Fortune 100.

Once you contact us, a team member will be in touch to discuss your vision for our sessions together. 

We will build out a plan, time frame, content structure and budget that works for you. 

We will help you offer your team substantial support and deep coaching that will make a significant difference in their personal lives - which then, inevitably, ripples out into their professional lives too. 
  • CONTENT: Does you team need help with parenting young children? With encouraging independent play? Hiring a nanny? Choosing an educational path? Or managing marital stress? We can help. 
  • STRUCTURE: Do you prefer a one-off lecture or a series of one-on-one coaching sessions? Either way, we can structure the timeframe and format to suit your needs.  
  • BUDGET:  We work with a wide range of organization sizes - ranging from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies on the planet, all the way through to small, intimate communities. We can figure out a plan that works for your needs.  
  • INSPIRATION: Give your people something they haven't yet received, acknowledgement of their family's needs and how those influence their work - for better or worse - and help them find inspiration and direction in creating a harmonious work-life balance. 
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