You might have arrived here through youtube, or a friend may have mentioned my name. Either way, I’m so glad you’re here because I’m here to serve you.

A mindful parenting coach and imperfect Mom to four little, spirited gurus.
I’m dedicated to helping you be the loving parent you most want to be.

I’m honored to be able to say that I have an audience from all around the world. My work has been published in Huff Post and is endorsed and recommended by the leaders in the Parenting space, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Laura Markham. I have helped thousands of parents through my courses and memberships and hundreds of thousands through my blog.

Funny story:

When I was first married I didn’t want any children. Parenting seemed like the worst job on earth with the highest demands, fewest perks and zero pay. But eventually I realized this was a human experience I did not want to miss out on.

So my parenting journey began with me devouring up all of the information I could about how to “do it right” (spoiler alert: there is no ‘right’). The results are ever shifting, changing and growing.



I believe we parents deserve an integrated parenting philosophy – not a one-size-fits all dogma.



Still, whatever I advocate for will always be nuanced, gentle and (buzzword alert!) respectful.
I devour parenting books, blogs, courses and I share my favorite thoughts, ideas and methods with you. That is, after they’ve been put to the test in our real-life-lab: my family.

My goal is to unvictimize parents. I want you to enjoy your life – even, no especially, as a parent – and feel authentic and joyful. I want every child to grow up with a parent who feels empowered and confident in their parental role. A parent who is free to enjoy their child and themselves.


Make you feel like
you’re rocking your world

As an advocate for simplicity parenting, mindful parenting, respectful
parenting – I read a whole lotta parenting stuff. Hence the “Junkie”. I just can’t seem to get enough. But I know that that level of consumption is a burden to most parents and can leave us feeling more overwhelmed and confused than we were to begin with. Plus, there are conflicting messages out there and sometimes it’s impossible to summarize all the wonderful theory into actionable, practical steps.


That’s what I’m here for. I want to transform the inspirational into doable for you. And be there to hold your hand when you mess up (spoiler alert: you will mess up, we all do).



My biggest fear in this journey? That I will be discovered as the “fraud” or the “imposter” that I am. Why do I feel this way? Because despite my best efforts, my continual education – heck, my very career! – I am still prone to yell, threaten and lose it regularly. I take that as a relief and I hope you will too. It’s a never-ending sign of my innate imperfection, as a human. So please never ever imagine that I do things perfectly, far from it.


Still – The Parenting Junkie is a space where we can indulge in our aspirational parenting, whilst still holding empathy for our many downfalls.

If you believe that parenting is a journey of transformational growth – for the parent, more than for the child.
If you believe there are no bad children, only children who are having a hard time.
If you believe no matter what situation you’re in – empathy will help.
If you believe that good parenting means striving for connection.
If you believe that connected parenting does not come naturally, but demands intense levels of commitment and deliberate practice.

Well, then my friend, you and I are already best buds.

But hey, don’t take my word for it:

I see every other parent, child – and human! – as my teacher.  And through this incredible global community, I am blessed to continually learn and deepen my understanding of meaningful parenting.


And so can you.



This is a business, it’s a job and my team and I are beyond grateful and proud that we can earn a living doing what we do. The vast majority of my work (including over 100 videos, weekly emails, and occasional trainings) is available to you completely free of charge (want to know how we run this business? Click here).


I’m no scientist, psychologist or even such a seasoned mom. My kids are young, probably like yours. If you set up a spy camera and follow me around (please don’t!) you’ll most definitely find me doubting, getting frustrated and melting down in mommy-tantrums of my very own. I do not have this “all down pat”.


But I am committed to bettering myself and learning as much as possible to be there for my children, and for you, 100%. You can expect many flaws, technical glitches, bad hair days, weird grammar mistakes and typos along the way – I am not a machine. But you can also expect my unwavering openness, humor and passion – ready and eager to walk this whacky journey by your side.


I’m so grateful that you’ve read this and I hope that you and I will continue to parent alongside one another.
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As I may have mentioned, I Joyschool my kids – which means they’re home a lot. So I do my best to keep it screen free as much of the time as possible – and be there to actually connect with them. I try to keep light on the social media and I don’t want to clutter your inbox either – I know how busy you are – so you’ll hear from me typically once a week at most, on Mondays, with a new weekly episode (unless something else awesome is going on).

So sign up here, so that I can send you my free gift, too! It’s a full-color, clickable, Childhood Design Guide with 10 Easy Steps to Transform Your Home into a Play Inducing HavenI’m excited to walk on this journey with you and see your work in action!

I’m honored you’re here, and honored you’ve read this,
Love and Namaste

avital xxx