hi,I’m Avital.(pronounced Ah-Vee-Tal)
I’m a mindful parenting coach, childhood designer, and mother. My work is dedicated to empower intentional, imperfect parents (like you and me!) to love parenting and parent from love…

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Focus Time – Homeschool SimplifiedLet go of the overwhelm, endless curriculum ads, and tears over homework with the 3 step method to simplifying homeschooling, even if you became one overnight. FOCUS TIME is a Simple Roadmap for Worry Free Homeschool.


Alchemize Course

Unlearn the mindsets that are holding you back.  Change your mindset, change your life. Imagine feeling Unshakable, Unoffendable, and Unvictimized. Alchemize the stress and challenges that affect your Self, your Kids, your Relationships and your World.


My work is dedicated to inspiring intentional parents, like you and me, to Love and enjoy the practice of parenting through peace, play, and presence.Hint: there’s no such thing as perfect parenting. You’re doing great.

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Discover how you CAN transform your home into a Play Inducing Haven. In this guide of 10 Easy Steps you’ll learn how to lay the foundation to presence, play and peace in your own home.

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Find the episodes on the exact issue that’s troubling you – From how to teach your baby to sleep to whether or not you should use consequences, there are hundreds of episodes that will inspire, validate and encourage you on this parenting journey.

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Don’t let your anxieties, your past or your cultural norms hold you back from being the parent you’re meant to be. From learning how to set limits without yelling, punishing, bribing or counting to three – to learning how to design a home environment that induces deep, independent, therapeutic play in your child. From solving sibling conflicts without tension to reestablishing a deep connection with your partner and coparent – The Parenting Junkie courses are designed for busy parents who don’t want to look back and wonder where the time went.

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Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Author of The Conscious Parent and Out of Control

“A WONDERFUL concept. So many parents need this kind of instruction! Avital’s work opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue for parents to focus on approaching parenting consciously.”

Dr. Laura Markham
Author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings

“Watch The Parenting Junkie to keep peaceful parenting top of mind for you. Avital offers sound, smart advice that will shift the parenting paradigm to a deeper, more mindful approach.”

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Have you had emotional episodes in the past that didn’t visit this year (for better or worse)? Or energetic vibrations that just weren’t around this year? What was missing?

Perhaps you used to feel big bouts of sadness and that didn’t happen this year. Or you used to experience super high vibes of energetic presence - oneness with the universe and all that - but this year you were disconnected from those feelings.

What was absent and why? Did you miss it? Did you crave it? Did you even notice it was gone?

What energies and emotions didn’t show up - even though you might have had them in the past - and why? Jot down some of your noticings in your Finish Strong Guide or in the comments below.


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ENERGY & EMOTION - Get woo woo with me for a moment here. If you had to describe your “energy” this year - what’s the vibe? What was your frequency like? What were you emitting into the world?

What emotions were the overriding emotions of the year? Was your energy stable and strong? Was it like a volatile roller-coaster? Was it easily influenced by others and external events? Was it protected or vulnerable?

Were you at the mercy of other people energies? Were you spiraling in particular emotional spirals? Would you classify them as negative or positive or neutral?

As you look to #FinishStrongWithTPJ - What can you do to increase your energy levels right now? How can you raise your frequency and step into your highest vibrations? What would feel good?

Start or join the conversation in the comments below, or journal in your Finish Strong Guide (link in bio.) What was your vibe this year?

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Some stuff didn’t go as planned. Some dreams had to be postponed. Some milestones have been missed...

Maybe there’s still room to retrieve some of the hopes we had for this year and manifest them to #FinishStrongWithTPJ this year! Maybe some can be rescheduled for a later date. And yet others may never happen at all...

Take the time today to journal in your Finish Strong Guide and notice: did I plan over ambitiously? Were my expectations unrealistic? Or perhaps did life just throw a completely unforeseen series of events and circumstances my way?

Missed events and messed up plans are an invitation to step into the energy of surrender and creativity. Plot twists teach us agility, flexibility and adaptability. What did you need to adapt to this year?

What didn’t work out? How has it taught me agility, flexibility and adaptability? Please share in the comments below!

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You got some *ish done this year. I bet you did. In your family, whether you’ve noticed it or not:

There were milestones met.

There were plans that worked out well.

There were some dreams that came true.

Hard to bring them to mind? Consider things you’ve successfully manifested on a day-to-day basis. Consider things you’ve got done. Think of those plans you made that you somehow actually pulled off!

You’ve hit some important milestones and made some dreams come true - even if they’re tiny weeny invisible-to-the-naked eye dreams. What were they?

Think back and write down those dreams in your Finish Strong Guide (link in bio) or in the comments below.

It might feel like you got nothing done... but you really and truly did. What was it? Why is that significant?


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