Is this for me?

Whether you want to talk tantrums, co-parenting or about your mama-friendly business dreams, private coaching can be transformational.


Perhaps you’re curious about how my online business works and are looking for a mentor for building your own. Or you’re unsure about the educational path you’d like to take and want someone to bounce ideas off. Or maybe your husband and you could benefit from a third party to help you align on parenting values and practices…


If you’re feeling confused, isolated or downright despairing – these sessions are made for you, especially if you’ve been stuck in a particular cycle of frustration with your child and are looking to make a significant change. If you’re feeling afraid, guilty or fed up with your disconnection or if challenging behavior is getting you down.


Nothing is more distressing than knowing you and your child are meant for a peaceful, loving and harmonious connection – only to feel cycles of shame and despair on a day to day basis. Add to that the deep anxiety we all experience when it comes to our kids and we end up feeling like we’re “messing them up”.


As a mother of three myself and a Mindful Parenting Coach, I totally get it. I’m not immune to those gnawing fears and repetitive destructive patterns that can wear through the best of intentions.

You feel isolated.

Most of us do, as parents in this modern era. Whilst we’re more connected than ever – the deep sense of being held by our supportive village is all but gone.

You feel Anxious.

Worrying about the future and guilty about the past. We parents can often find ourselves living with never ceasing concerns that we’re messing this up.

You feel exasperated.

Children. Sleep deprivation, mess, whining, tantrums, sibling rivalry… did I mention sleep deprivation? It’s easy to feel at the end. Of. Your. Rope. Everyday.

I believe we all need someone to listen deeply to us and sometimes offer us some support, empathy and perspective shifts. That’s what I’d love to do for you.

What you’ll get

We will have an informal conversation about whatever is irking you right now. You’ll get my undivided attention, a listening partner (me!) and my empathy as I know I can relate to whatever you might be going through. I won’t hold back on my perspective on your story and help you shape your narrative in a way that perhaps might serve you better. We’ll discuss some practical steps you might take, right now to see real results and improvements with your child.


What you won’t get

Therapy. I’m not a psychologist and I won’t be analyzing you. I won’t be able to diagnose, treat or offer any clinical recommendations. If you’re suffering from depression, PPD, severe anxiety, extreme marital issues or any abnormal behavioral or health issues with your child – please seek professional clinical help.


How it works

Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis and highly limited. Once you book your session, we will meet at the allotted time via Skype (or on the phone). Sessions run for 50 minutes and you can book as many as are available. I do my very best never to reschedule – but I do have three little kids and sometimes life happens. My apologies in advance! Once we start the time is fully yours – sometimes I mostly listen and empathize, sometimes I offer a reframe or a mindset shift. And sometimes we think of some constructive and practical changes together. Want to talk business? Marriage? About your own childhood? No problem. The time is yours.

Why I Offer Coaching

I work hard to produce consistently insightful free video content regularly. And I invest deeply in creating courses, meditations and membership sites that will truly serve parents in their journey to their highest selves. But sometimes we all need some real, live connection. And sometimes our unique situations can’t be tailored to by pre-recorded courses or mass content – we need undivided attention and customizable solutions.

Coaching allows me to really bring my whole self to you and serve you in the deepest way. Going through the necessary transformations with you.


Didn’t Find a Time?

My coaching calendar is updated weekly. If my calendar is booked or you didn’t find a time that fit your schedule, join my wait list and you’ll receive friendly email notifications for when more times open up: