#PlayPandemic is a Free 21 Day Challenge to Create Family Bliss. 

Turn a forced lockdown into a family retreat.

"This challenge keeps me motivated and sane!" - kbazely

I know, life is no walk in the park right now. (literally!) 
And COVID-19 is no laughing matter - my heart aches for all those suffering from it’s far reaching effects. In this FREE 21 Day Challenge, you'll find an offering of guidance, reassurance and practical steps to transform your forced-seclusion and social distancing into a true family retreat. We’re going to meet the panic, fear and uncertainty with passion, purpose and joy
Don't waste the precious opportunities lockdown has offered us.
We're going to seize the day and make some juicy lemonade out of these lemons. Hey! Maybe you find yourself loving this slower pace of life already.

However you feel, you're not alone - we're all in this together. Our collective global effort to make a difference is a beautiful thing friend. 

Hi! I'm Avital! (pronounced Ah-vee-tal)
I'm thrilled and honored to have you here.

I am a performance coach for parents and a homeschooling mom to 4 little gurus.

Present Play was founded on three core values:

Peace. Presence. Play.

It's my absolute joy to guide parents in helping their children sink into uninterrupted hours of immersive, therapeutic, beneficial, PLAY - a child's state of flow. 

It's where the magic happens for them and you. 

i.e. Go shower🛁, read a book📚, drink a HOT coffee☕, or sit in a lotus position🧘. (OK, ok, just sit criss-cross apple sauce and close your eyes. Ommm...) 

Reclaiming play as a staple of childhood is uber important.

NOW more than ever.

"This woman is bringing me so much calm, thank you Avital - your ideas are brilliant!" - kamilavelijkovic

That's why I feel it is my obligation to throw some rainbows out into the world right now, figuratively and literally. 

(Keep reading...)

How does this challenge work?

Just open the emails and do the thing...

Simple really. I'll send you challenges every day for 21 days - they're easy, simple and range from a mindset shift ("Name 10 things you've gained from this time") to ways to induce play ("Set up your impromptu movement zone!")

  • Open your emails: I'll send you quick inspiring and uplifting challenges
  • Complete the challenges you can: And keep the momentum of our community uplifted by sharing it out with others
  • Celebrate those wins: We all know that things are challenging right now - let's direct our focus to ways we're winning, too! 

Don't let the simplicity of the challenges fool you. There's a deeper meaning at play here. Now is the time that we show up for our kids and lead - show them creativity, resourcefulness, agility, adaptability and strong, powerful, positive mindsets. I know that's not easy to do. Believe me, I've overcome severe PTSD and anxiety - I don't belittle your struggles - emotional or otherwise. 

But that only makes this even more important. Now is the time to reclaim play, to connect, to up the FUN factor in our homes, to process emotions and to discover who we are. 

Look, I'll just go ahead and say it: with all the *ishy* stuff going on out there - we're seeing plenty of tragedy and loss. We need to counterattack these depressing energies with an increase in our sense of stability, creativity, capability... 

But there's more
There are some very tangible, very real silver linings in this crazy experience - and we would be crazy not to take the opportunities given to us right now. 

At the end of our 21 Day Challenge together, we'll be opening the doors to:

My flagship membership and global village of intentional parents who prioritize peace, presence, and play. This challenge will be like a tiny "taster" of the type of support, ideas and camaraderie you can expect from Present Play... more on that on the 21st.

Do I hope you choose to enroll - um YES?! But if all you do is come out the other side of this FREE challenge feeling calm and inspired, like you've had a Family Retreat and the time of your life - then I'll be PUMPED. 

"Loving this! What a great time to love parenting and parent from love than during this whole crisis. So many resources - cannot recommend her enough." - odalyskramos

Wait. There are prizes?

Yes... let's spice things up with a little healthy competition.

Here are the awesomesauce prizes (better than a mega pack of toilet paper from Costco).

1st Prize! 

My 6-month, better-than-couple's therapy course that you can even do on your own:  Parent In Love ($1,197 Value)

2nd Prize! 

Spielgaben Full Set! A complete learning system using construction blocks and wooden educational toys. ($499.50 Value)

3rd Prize! 

Grimms Stacking Rainbow. See? An actual rainbow I want to throw out into the world.  ($149.99 Value)

"Your videos are wonderful, refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!" - Ronit

How do I enter?

Entering to win is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1//

Take The Challenge
April 1-21

For the next three weeks I will be challenging you to Create Family Bliss in small and big ways every day! From decluttering something to having a dance party, from leaving out a play prompt to playing the sock game... you're going to seize the day every day and activate your inner CEO of your family. Be sure to use the #PlayPandemic to share follow along.

Step 2//

Share a Video
April 7 - 21

Shoot a little video of yourself telling us how have you used the Play Pandemic Guide to make the best out of Corona times? Share it out on social with #playpandemic and @parentingjunkie on Instagram and @theparentingjunkie on Facebook - and be sure to send it to our email support@theparentingjunkie.com so that we can share it too. 

Step 3//

Join Present Play
April 21 - May 1

Yes! Our flagship membership Present Play is finally opening it's doors to the long waitlist banging them down. It opens only once a year and in it you will have everything you need to create family bliss - Corona or no Corona. We're kicking off the Present Play year in May and you'll get instant results in your simplified, beautified, decluttered home where your kids can play independently. 

How to Enter


  • Shoot a little video of yourself telling how you have used the Play Pandemic (the guide, the challenge or both) to make the best out of corona times.

    Tell us what you were struggling with and how you have stepped up to make lemonade out of lemons. 🍋

    Your video should be:
    ☆ Short - just a few minutes of you telling your story.
    ☆ Well Lit - we want to see you, face a window for natural light if possible
    ☆ Clear - we want to hear you, speak up! Don't worry if you have an accent, our community is global!

    Psst... emotions, kids and tears are totally ok. These are tough times! And we're all home with our kids all day long. Just share the raw and the real, whether you're on cloud 9 or facing unimaginable challenges.

  • Share it out on social media with #PlayPandemic. Make sure it's marked public so we can see it! Tag us with @parentingjunkie on Instagram or @theparentingjunkie on Facebook.  
  • Email us a copy of your video to: support@theparentingjunkie.com so we can share it out too (sending us your video means you give us consent to edit and share it out with the world).  


End of day, April 21

Winners will be announced May 1!

This is all about having some fun, while spreading the message of Play Pandemic. If you've received any benefit from the guide or this challenge, I encourage you to enter. And a huge hug 🤗 to everyone who's been sharing it out already. 🙏 Thank you.

That's it! 
Prizes will be announced May 1!

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in, make it your own and share it out

 Let’s spread the #PlayPandemic like a wild fire.🔥

"My 3 kids are home, because schools are closed. Since we've been working for the last year on independent play, the transition hasn't been so bad - the best part is, I'm not too stressed! I know if this had happened last year I wouldn't have been in such good shape. Thank you! You have a great message and I share it whenever I can!" - Marion

There is a lot of stuff we do not control right now. But there are some very real things we do get to control. 

  • YOU are the CEO of your family. 
  • YOU get to decide how you're going to experience this time. 
  • ​YOU get to decide what to focus on. 
  • ​YOU get to control the atmosphere in your home. 

I'm here to help you do that.

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