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How to leave an iTunes Rating & Review

(and be a rockstar unicorn)

Podcast App


Find The Parenting Junkie Podcast on Apple’s Podcast app. (It’s the one with that gorgeous, smiling family. No, it wasn’t at all hard to get all four of my children to not be picking their noses all at once.)


Tap the TPJ podcast and scroll down to the “Write a Review” button. (This sounds obvious, but honestly, I lost a good solid 3.7 minutes of my life trying to find it. Won’t be getting those back.)


Click 5 stars and write a loving review! Need inspiration? Think “AMAZING” “THE BEST” “LIFE CHANGING”… Gee, shucks, I’m blushing… you’re the best!

Thank you,

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I want you to know that I read each and every email, Instagram dm, Facebook messageYouTube comment and iTunes review – even if I can’t answer each one.

Getting all that virtual love makes my job the best job in the world and helps me to keep showing up for you every day.

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