Create a 
Meaningful Vision 
for your family 

A compelling game plan that 
gets you up in the morning.

There are 4 essential questions every parent needs to answer if you actually expect to create the family life you want... 
"I’ve been wanting to have this type of conversation for years and this guide is perfectly guiding us through it!”

- Tracy

There are 3 easy steps to follow...

Block Your Calendar

Watch The Videos

Fill Out The Exercises

...and walk away with a clear plan.

"WOW! I just flipped through the Vision Guide and I am SUPER PUMPED!! I love how you've really broken down -by the minute- how to make this happen. Amazing, thank you so much!

- Christine
When you were a kid you were guided by the adults in your life on how to live - what to do each day, what to value and how to develop yourself. 
For many of us, we were guided with main goal of childhood is often to do well in school, and then to get a college degree. Perhaps we were also told how to be "good people" - according to our culture or religion. 

But once we graduate from high-school or college, once we've found a job and perhaps a life partner - there's no clear and compelling plan for us anymore. 

There's a vacuum where our parents, teachers and even society used to be. 

Now who writes our story? 
Now that we're all grown up, who tells us how to live "well" and be "good people"? 

That vacuum gets filled by other people... consumerism, religion and various institutions will step in to fill that void. We might find ourselves being driven to live like lifestyle influencers we follow on instagram, or to climb the corporate ladder - just because
If these are the things that bring us joy and meaning, that's wonderful. But if we're just following some preset path that isn't truly in integrity with what we want from life - we're probably going to feel unfulfilled and unhappy. 

We achieve that beach body, or the big promotion, or the dream house, or the keto diet... and we're left feeling numb and empty - looking for the next hit. 

We're left feeling like "there's got to be more to life than this."

And there is more to life - there's a purpose-driven vision. But you're the only one who can write it. 

If you don't actively write your story - someone else will. 

Fate, for example. 

Fate is a terrible storywriter - it's haphazard and default and random. 

So who would be the best author of your story?


Just because we're adults, doesn't mean we're done shaping ourselves and our lives. In fact - we've only just begun. Now it's up to us to craft our life intentionally, to deliberately develop and grown and to design a life we deem to be "good" and worth living. 
Now it's up to us to develop our own characters into the people we want to be. 

To create a life that we want to live. 

And to find a purpose that drives us into action each day. 

If you're anything like me, creating a meaningful family life might be just that purpose. becoming aware of how you spend your time, your resources, your energy - even your words - could all be pieces of the puzzle. 

Actively choosing what type of family life you want to create. 

Knowing where we've been, who we are, where we're going and how we're going to get there. 

In other words... 

Having a family vision. 

Your Family Vision should be exciting to you

The thing that orients you in your day-to-day life and in your big fork-in-the-road decisions. 

The thing that holds you back from hopelessness or giving up on yourself.  

Your family vision should be compelling

My family vision is what gets me up in the morning, 
how about you?

The right vision doesn't just give you clarity it also...

  • Ensures you're parenting according to your values
  • Prevents you from burning out and giving up when times are tough
  • Allows you to make choices more quickly and easily because you know who you are
  • ​Creates a step by step game-plan that takes you to the family life you always dreamed of
  • ​And all that without daily confusion and overwhelm at each fork in the road
You need a clear vision to guide you through any parenting challenge.
“I feel so energized and ready to create a family life I love!" 

“Our time management just became 50 times more efficient!”
"My partner and I are finally on the same page!"
Running a family is kinda stressful. (Understatement of the year award goes to...)

Especially if you don't have a clear plan. 

If you're like most of the parents I work with, you started your family in the hopes of it being happy, healthy, sane and relatively easy going... 

...and yet, it can sometimes feel like you've created a life you want to escape, am I right?
Well, the reality is this:

Autopilot takes over, we get stuck in the hum drum daily routines - and we forget the bigger picture of why we chose this life to begin with. 

Think about it: 

If you do nothing about it, you could spend the next decade or to simply going through the motions - completely forgetting the bigger picture of what your goals are for your family.
Amazing family life does not create itself.
So if you're doing this:

Simply taking things one day at a time. 

Putting off your big goals, dreams and ideas until the kids are grown.

Procrastinating on figuring out where you want to live, how you want to educate your kids, what type of values you want to convey...

Hoping that things will just magically get easier. 

Numbing out and escaping to your phone, to shopping or to chocolate... 

I mean... has it worked so far? If you're like most parents who come to work with me your answer is most likely "no". 
You're probably thinking that you have much better things to do... who has time to "create vision" - right? 

If you're anything like me, you've got to... 
Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner every day... (and put up with it when the cubs protest too much brocoli) 

Clean, do laundry, wipe tushies, buy groceries

Chauffer your little ones around
... and possibly all while somehow keeping the lights on and the water running...

Not to mention: Self care, growth, catching up with friends, caring for elderly parents, working on personal projects, being a contributing community member and anything else you might have on your already very-full plate. 

I get it. Truly, I do.

... You can figure out your vision "one day"- right?! 

See, here's the thing you might not know about vision:

Having one makes everything else easier. 
It is not a waste of time to get clarity on the big picture of where you're going with your family. 

In fact, it's a time saver. 

It's no exaggeration to say that it could save you years. Precious years. 

Years of spinning your wheels in the wrong direction. 

Years of aimlessly bouncing around without a clear purpose. 

Years of feeling discontent and disconnected from your source of meaning. 

Creating a vision brings meaning to your life. 

So how do you get this illusive Vision? 
What do you actually have to do?
Phew, I'm so glad you asked. 

I've broken it down for you in a dummy-proof step-by-step package that you can complete in as little as three hours... or take a full two days and go through it delux style. 

Either way, I've taken everything I've learned from being a branding consultant, to identity design, to leadership research... and translated it into the relm of parenting. 

All you have to do is sit back, relax, sip your chai and go through the questions and exercises to create a compelling, exciting and clear vision for your family. 

Step away from working "in" your family,
and take a moment to work "on" it.

The Full Create Vision Package

The Step By Step Create Vision Package 
For Making a Compelling Game Plan for A Family Life You Love

  • At your own pace: All your materials are unlocked and able to be watched and rewatched on your own time table. 
  • Customizable Tracks: Block three hours off your schedule in 30 minute increments - ooooor book a full fledged kid-free weekend retreat. It's completely up to you - this package will shape itself around your needs. 
“This is AMAZING. I have no words. WOW WOW WOW."  

- Tally

When you have a clear vision, 
you can overcome any obstacles to get there.

What exactly do you get in the Create Vision Package?
You're going to get everything you need to create your own little Create Vision Workshop.

Do it alone or with your partner. 

Do it in bed, in a coffee shop or in a hotel somewhere. 

Do it in less than three hours or in two full days. 

Either way, I need to warn you: Going through this process might make you unbearably enthusiastic about your life and razor-sharp focused on your purpose as a family.

Here's what's included in your one-time-only fee of $39:
The Core Create Vision Guide - $39 Value
  • Digital Guide
    Follow along with the luxurious 35-page digital guide to know what exercises to do, when and for how long. 
  • Printer Friendly Journal
    Print out this version to complete the exercises by hand.  
  • ​Done-for-you itinerary. You'll get to choose whether you want to take just 3 hours (fast track) or two days (full track) for your Vision retreat. Either way, you'll have a clear time-stamped itinerary to follow so you're sure you're doing it "right". 
  • ​Part One: Where have we been as a family? In order to figure out where you're going - you'll first take the time to process where you have been and make sense of your journey thus far. 
  • ​Part Two: Who are we as a family? Get crystal clear clarity on what makes you "you". In this module you'll discover what your values are (even if they seem a bit foggy right now), what your core identity is made from, what you secretly have on your bucket list (so you're sure not to ignore your dreams and desires)... 
  • ​Part Three: Where are we going as a family? You're already headed in a direction, it just might not be the one you truly want. If you don't calibrate your compass you'll continue cruising along the wrong path. In this module, you'll get uber focused on your purpose and direction for your family - long term. 
  • Part Four: What comes next for our family?
    All this vision casting is wonderful - now it's time to make it practical and real. Let's get out our planners, calendars and spreadsheets to cement everything from our yearly goals to our morning routines and weekly schedules. 
12 Videos To Guide You Through The Process - $127 Value
I'll be holding your hand every step of the way with short, binge-able videos that explain the process, what to do and offer quick and crucial tips for success. 
Hypnotic Family Vision Meditation Mp3 - $9 Value
Creating a vision is fantastic - but what about sustaining and maintaining your focus on that vision throughout the year? Fear not, my dear, that's why I've recorded this hypnotic meditation - to reconnect you with your intention whenever you start to lose sight of it (we all do from time to time). This guided audio will be your companion to staying focused on your dreams and goals for the project of your lifetime: your family. 

Because your family deserves inspiring leadership. 

When you have a clear vision, 
you can overcome any obstacles to get there.

Wait, there's more?
You betcha. Grab these HOT bonuses, absolutely free when you get your Create Vision Package
To take the value of the Create Vision over the top and really help you on creating vision on all fronts - I'm spicing up this package with two key bonus trainings. 

One of the key blockages to clarity of vision is confusion and indecisiveness. Surveys of our community have shown that deciding how to educate our children (homeschool or not... alternative school or not) and in fact the very decision whether to try to have more children are two key questions that are muddying the waters of clarity for us. 

Which is why, you'll get these decision matrix trainings free in the Create Vision Package. 
  • ​The Schooling 8-Ball: To homeschool or not to homeschool? 
    ($27 Value)
    If you're unsure whether or not you'd like to home educate, opt for alternative education or go for the mainstream route - this training will take you step by step in deciding. You'll learn of the 10 key factors to consider and be guided in understanding how these play a role for your unique situation. Walk away with clarity and confidence in your educational path. 
  • ​Family Planning Genie: Should we try for another child? 
    ($27 Value)
    So often, people ask me to help them decide whether or not they should try for another child - a life-changing and big decision. Of course the answer is only within you, but I can help you get there by guiding you through key ideas to consider and leading you don't a path of clarity and awareness as you make this pivotal choice. 

These bonuses will help you with powerful decision making matrix's and deep dive questions to help you gain clarity about major life decisions...

Because your family deserves inspiring leadership. 

  • Luz Digital & Print Friendly Journal: Everything is done-for-you ($39 Value)
  • Hand-holding Video Series: I will guide you through each step of the way ($127 Value)
  • Hypnotic Create Vision Meditation: To keep you on track with your vision every day moving forward ($9 Value)
  • Extra Bonuses: To tip the value of this package over the edge for you! ($54 Value)

Overall Value of $229

“To hear you say I am a visionary leader of my family, is a total game changer. Thank you for validating the importance of my role, and for offering such a valuable training to uplevel as a leader of my family!" 

Claire, mother of four
“What felt like taking a small step towards 'better' ended up being a huge transformation for my family. Create Vision is a wonderful guide that keeps us on track with where we want to go in life.” 

Kory, father of one
Create Vision NOW
How much does it cost? 
A one-time payment of $39 USD purchases lifetime access to the digital Create Vision Package. As such, we do not offer refunds on this particular course.
How much time is involved in taking the course?
You can choose the Full Track or the Fast Track. The Fast Track can be completed in less than 3 hours - or go for the Full Track and create a full 2-day retreat out of it. Or create something in between! 
Who is this for?
This package is for ANYONE who has a family - whether it's you and one child, or a large family - everyone needs a vision in order to lead their family well. 
Need Help or Have More Questions?
We’re happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.