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Invest In Yourself

If you were the CEO of a company, would you invest in yourself? Would you take courses and training, focus on personal growth, and enlist the help and support of a team in order to succeed? 

As a parent, do you invest in yourself the same way? Do you expect success and personal growth without the support, training, and education?

Listen, you are a powerful, strong, and profoundly important CEO.  Is there any higher-stakes job than the one you’re doing? Parents are responsible for someone else’s life. 

Yet we still seem to be holding onto this idea that the job of a parent is lacking in prestige, lacking in esteem, and for some reason, we downplay our roles.

Why is that? 

Invest In Yourself for the Next 9 Minutes

I encourage you to take 9 minutes to invest in yourself and learn how to approach our parenting like we would a CEO role in a business. Let’s work towards self-mastery in our craft!




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Investing In Yourself is Vital for Parents

Investing in yourself is vital, especially in the most powerful role of a parent! 

We are shaping another person. We’re molding their life. We’re making choices on their behalf. We are creating the future with these decisions and helping the next generation to form its ideas, philosophies, meaning, value system, and vision.

Yet we still seem to be holding onto this idea that the job of a parent is lacking in prestige, lacking in esteem, and for some reason, we downplay our roles.

We often say things like “I’m just a mom/dad”, and at times don’t approach it with the same zest and zeal we would in our career or another leadership role.

Why is that? 

Leaders Believe the Best Investment Is Yourself

Leaders believe that the best investment is yourself, and act accordingly. When you think of any leadership role in our community and our culture, that role is typically very supported, right? Leaders have assistants. They have the corner office, or at least they have esteem and respect. 

Being a parent, any kind of parent is being a CEO. You are the founder, the manager, the CEO of your project, of your family, and yet there is no license, no training, no required reading, not so much as a manual, and definitely no MBA or Ph.D. for us parents to really master our craft, and so we have to learn out in the field.

We have to learn through trial and error, through experience alone, apprenticeship, if you like, (which isn’t so bad, but it’s kinda crazy that you can drive a car only after you’ve gone through many lessons and tests and passed, but you can raise a human being just any old way!)

We Are CEOs

We are leaders. We are vitally important, potent, powerful leaders shaping the future.

The work that you do when you sit down for dinner with your child, when you change your baby’s diaper, when you give them a bath, when you read them a book, when you choose whether to send them to ballet, or to Lego club, or to buy this or that toy, when you explain to them how the world works, what death is, what sex is, what money is, you are doing the work of profound leadership.


Parents are the CEOs of their families.


They’re the visionary, they’re the leaders, and they need every training possible to support them in this vitally important project of great magnitude.

Parents deserve every respect that CEOs get.

The work you do being a mother or father, your work of attachment, of bonding, of connection, of communication, of developing skills around the relationship, that is the most profound work there is, and it has the most lasting ripple effects for generations to come.

Ways to Invest in Yourself

There are many ways to invest in yourself. First, I want to invite you to treat yourself like a CEO. Here’s how:

1. Show Up

CEOs wake up in the morning and they show up for their work every day. They don’t roll out of bed groggy, tired, exhausted, and lacking energy. They show up for their day with zest, with joy, with intrigue, with commitment, and with interest.

I want you to treat yourself like a CEO and take pride in the work that you’re doing. Don’t say, “I’m just a stay-at-home mom,” or, “Oh, I work a little bit outside the house, but really I’m just a mom.”  You are a profoundly important CEO. Treat yourself as such.

Parenting is meaningful work, and it’s time that we change this cultural story around it.

2. Personal Self-Development

CEOs continuously develop themselves. They take the trainings, they listen to the podcasts, they go to the conferences, they invest in their craft. They believe in investing in yourself.

They didn’t get to that status of leading a whole company by simply rolling along by default with their days. They’re always hungry, learning more, and that’s what I want for you and me.

3. Never Settle

I hope that you never give up and settle for being a gray, vanilla version of who you want to be. You can be the parent you most want to be. You’ll still be an imperfect human who loses it sometimes, but there’s no reason for you not to be the parent that you want to be by showing up for yourself and learning what it takes, continuously remaining inspired, continuously committing.

I think often when we look at success stories in the business world, we think that the people who are successful are more talented.

Successful people weren’t born with more natural gifts than anyone else. They were just relentless at their craft. They just showed up and put in the practice. They just continued on, and on, and on, one small step after the other until they became masters of their craft.

We also want to reach that level of mastery.

That mastery takes consistent showing up. It takes training, it takes purpose, it takes support, it takes accountability, just like learning to run a marathon does.

Invest in Yourself, CEO!

This is the marathon of your life. This is the most meaningful project you have ever embarked on, raising another human being. You are a CEO. You are a powerful, strong leader. Treat yourself as such. Invest in yourself. 

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