If you’re like most parents, you want:

To feel confident and effective.

Reliable tools and practical solutions to parenting problems

To love parenting and to parent from love

in a peaceful, kind and effective way.

And to enjoy them, even while they’re young.

But maybe you have a problem

  • Perhaps your partner is not on board with peaceful parenting and undermines your efforts.
  • Or you face criticism and judgment from family and friends…
  • Or you feel confused at how to “do this”… you (like most of us) never SAW an example of how to parent peacefully!
  • All the stress (and exhaustion!) leaves you without the patience to be playful and feel anything but peaceful!
  • Sibling rivalry, overwhelmed by clutter, baby who fights sleep or a toddler who fights the potty. Clingy children, chaotic home and conflict-ridden family


You might feel

…like a failure, like a victim, like you can’t handle your own life, like you’re messing this up, disappointed, out of control or not cared for yourself. In short…


Children deserve empowered parents

Parents deserve to enjoy their children… even while they’re still young.


you’ll never get them back. 

I know how itFeels

I’m parenting little children myself and I can relate to every single one of these pain points. With hundreds of clients going through my online courses, memberships and coaching – and tens of thousands of clients on my blog – I’ve seen the transformations that are possible.

My work is dedicated to empowering intentional, imperfect parents (like you and me!) who face chaos, clutter, and conflict, through online tools to reclaim peace, presence and play for your family.

Here are the 3 steps to start

(Wherever you start, one rule we’re very strict about: This is a guilt free zone. You will never be judged for using screens, for yelling or for co-sleeping until they’re 7.)

Start Designing!

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Can’t Wait!

Join the Community!

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I want to encourage you not to

Spend another year wishing the days would pass sooner.

Look back at your children’s childhoods and wonder where the time went (stuck in our iphones, perhaps?)

Give up on the immense power you hold as a parent to connect deeply

Miss out on the opportunity to model the incredible powers you have

Instead, experience transformation in your home.
Watch as…

Your children begin to play independently

You begin to thrive psychologically and spiritually

This season in your life becomes bursting with meaning, joy and connection with your partner and children, despite the many challenges.