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Our premium content includes memberships, courses, albums and coaching. We’re incredibly proud of these programs that we work hard to create, and we’re tickled pink at the remarkable feedback we get on the daily from members and clients who have taken our trainings.


Present Play our signature membership club that brings you solutions for promoting Presence, independent play, sibling collaboration and flow at home.

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Peaceful Tantrums

Become a Peaceful Parenting Ninja in the face of epic tantrums. In this FREE CLASS you’ll learn practical, actionable steps for managing the WORST tantrums without yelling, punishing, bribing, threatening or counting to three.

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Curious about homeschooling? Unschooling? Waldorf, Reggio, Montessori and Charlotte Mason? This is the course for you. In this video course, you will learn what each educational style has to offer, the common damaging pitfalls of mainstream schools and ways to overcome them.

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Potty Time

Joyful. Peaceful. Clear. Committed. Are you ready to be DONE with diapers but unsure if/ how to proceed? Peaceful, gentle, respectful parenting can definitely be conducive to early, respectful potty learning. TOGETHER we will leave the M&M’s, stress, and DIAPERS behind.

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Full, 7-track “Peaceful Parenting” Meditation album, created by yours truly (and lead in my imperfect voice) instantly downloadable, completely unique, guided meditations to help you heal and repair after a hard day of parenting. Listen regularly and feel the deep transformation in your level of calm and connection.

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What’s challenging you most in your parenting right now? If you’re feeling confused, isolated or downright despairing – these sessions are made for you, especially if you’ve been stuck in a particular cycle. Want to discuss your parenting? Want to talk business? Marriage? About your own childhood? No problem. The time is yours.

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