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I'm Avital.

You want a present, peaceful and playful family life? I'm here to help you make that a reality.

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You stressin’?
Are you buckling under feelings of victimhood?
Teetering on the edge of burn out?
Show me a mama and papa who isn’t.
But – there is a potent, well kept secret that can help you reduce your stress and feel instantaneously nourished, heard and empathized with.
Furthermore, it takes little time, almost no effort and is completely free. Now you’re listening, huh?
This versatile tool is called “Self Talk” and it’s seen me through some of my more stressful moments as a parent (i.e.: myself and my two sons, one of whom had a high fever, stuck in a bureaucratic immigration maze for 3.5 hours this week, with no food, only to find our car had been towed… Applying this secret weapon made this a walk in the park.).
Self talk basically means talking to yourself, usually silently (in your mind). There can be negative self talk “This is insane, you’re such a pushover – you’re being trampled by a two year old!” or positive self talk “You can handle this, take a deep breath, you’re doing great”.

The thing that we don’t always realize is that we have some degree (a great degree if you ask me) of choice when it comes to what we tell ourselves inside our own minds. The thoughts that we have about a situation: these are the thoughts that preempt feelings. So when you’re feeling stressed this means you have had stressful thoughts – and believed them. Stress, in fact, comes from our thoughts about a situation. Not from the situation itself.

The science of self talk has been explored and analyzed and here’s the short version: what you say to yourself in your head matters. If you are convincing yourself there’s a problem, there will be. If you are telling yourself you’re being mistreated – that will be your experience. Not because you have magic powers (although, surely, you do); but because we contribute invite and, heck, even create each of the situations we find ourselves in.

I want to take self talk one step further and apply it in a really broken down and practical manner. I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but I can tell you what’s going on in mine: it’s quite the party (sans the kegs). Or maybe it’s more like a particularly intense debate club. I don’t mean to freak you out but when I really take a look at my mind I find a lot of different voices: judging, analyzing, criticizing, dramatizing, victimizing, exasperating… generally a bunch of unhelpful whiners who keep me from being my truest and shiniest self.

So, I’ve come to think of this gang fondly as my old crew – I wouldn’t ever want to hurt their feelings or kick them out of my life completely, and I wish them well, but…well… I’ve moved on. So when our paths cross I smile, knowingly, and greet them on their way, thinking: “Hello old thought pattern, it’s nostalgic to see you”.

The people I hang with today make me better. They’re beacons of empathy, acceptance, truth and peace. And whilst this is thankfully true of my wonderful flesh-and-blood friends – it’s also true of the “friends” in my head.

When stressing comes your way: look inside your mind and ask yourself, which voices are you listening to? And are they perhaps judgy fretters and snooty fear mongers who don’t have your best interests at heart?

And then ask yourself: which voice would give you strength? Empathy? Kindness and compassion?

Which “personas” have you developed or will you develop to help you with stress?

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It’s that time of year… and this year is a little different.

So many of the ways we would usually celebrate the holidays may be out of reach. We might need to really prioritize putting our budget towards homeschool and educational stuff. We might need to be downsizing and minimizing more as we spend more time at home and our homes need to accommodate more activity for more of the time.

However this holiday season is coming upon you, whatever you’re experiencing - I’m holding space for you!

I know it might be a really painful, difficult or challenging time of year and maybe buying presents is the last thing on your mind.

If, however, you have a little bit of headspace and budget for it...

I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite items that have truly “earned” their place in our lives and that I feel were worth the investment.

Instead of a video or a podcast this week, I've spent some time compiling this, I hope it's helpful!

Check out my Top 10 educational gifts that both you & your kids will love! (clickable link in bio)

Be a Scary Mommy this Halloween. 🎃

Or actually, don’t.



First, let’s talk about these scary mom costumes. 🧟

We’ve all been these characters, at one time or another.

No, not a sexy pirate.

Or a Fire Breathing Dragon. (Was that just me?)

But actual, real scary moms.

Real moms, who, with the best intentions, set out to make Halloween fun and meaningful and, well…get lost along the way. 👻 Instead, opting to let their fears and anxieties lead the way.

See if any of these are in your closet.

🧡 Watch Scary Mommy Costumes >> (or search the title on YouTube!)

If stressing about a Halloween costume is causing you to lose sleep, patience, or peace in your home: Let It Go. No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, your kids will remember the fun, laughter, joy, and connection with family. Not the costume.

Tell me in the comments: Have you ever worn one of these costumes? What are you willing to let go of this year? 👇👇👇

Parenting is a high stakes endeavor. We're responsible for another person's life, for goodness sake! (Who put ME in charge?!)

...and yet...

it's so often seen as "lesser than".

"I'm *just* a mom."
"I *just* stay home with the kids."
"I don't *really* work."

It seems like there's still some residual lack of prestige or even respect for the very high skills, high stakes work that good parenting requires.

Personally, I run a business - which I love and brings me great joy and meaning - but I still feel that parenting is THE project of my life. It requires so much more of me and is going to be so much more meaningful and important than any job I could ever do.

So - what does it mean to parent like a CEO?!

This one is small but mighty. Take just 9 minutes to shift your perception of this vital work you’re doing...

😍 Watch it here, boss >>

Let’s approach our parenting like we would a CEO role in a business, and work toward mastery in our craft!

Last chance to Depolarize with me! If you’re having trouble with intense conversations and heated topics these days... this is just a friendly reminder that I have something that might serve you!

Ten switches to flip in your conversations with people you love (or at least care enough about to have a conversation with, lol!)... these switches will help you manage your triggers, speak in a productive manner and come closer together rather than further apart.

Join Depolarize now >>

On the following dates: October 22, October 29, November 5 (Thursdays at 11:00am, New York Time)

I will be holding exclusive, intimate group coaching sessions where I will be happy to help you navigate:

Holding boundaries with people whose opinions you’re finding toxic

Deciding how to handle polarizing topics as a parent

Any other hot topic issue that’s on your mind - you’ll be invited to submit your questions and specific scenarios in advance (anonymously if you prefer).

You deserve to feel equipped to handle the tough conversations that come up in your family and friends - without it triggering you to the nines, depressing you, or pulling you away from people you love.

Even though times are extra polarizing right now, these skills are always useful as conflicts are inevitable in all relationships.

If you need to sharpen your skills in harmonizing, communicating and connecting (even with people you completely disagree with), then check out Depolarize!

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