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(pssst….there are prizes!)

What could be more important than creating a little space when you’re cooped up and experiencing some heavy doses of cabin fever, am I right? You might be home with a young baby and have the ability to easily organize and declutter – or you might have five kids on your back, hips, shoulders and lap at this very moment and you snorted your coffee through your nose when you read “create space”. 

Here’s the deal:

This is not a Marie Kondo competition. It’s not going to go on pinterest. But there’s very real reason I want you to grab a cardboard box, a garbage bag or an old pillow case – whatever you’ve got on hand – and put half of your toys away. 

That’s right.

50% of your toys are going bye-bye for the next week or two. 

“But Avital, what if my kids don’t want me to?”

If you can simply tidy up a bit while your kids are otherwise occupied or asleep – power to you. But I often grab a bag and just start organizing right in front of them.

If there’s resistance I reassure them I’m not giving their stuff away, just tidying up to make more space to play!” If they particularly want something specific, no problem, I’ll choose something else to declutter. 

The Big Idea

The real reason to do this is twofold.

  1. Firstly, less is more when it comes to toys and playing. If tidying up your play area is taking more than 60 seconds – it means there are too many things in that room to begin with.  Having less available will actually mean more play and less tidying – win, right?
  2. Here’s the other big reason: In a couple of weeks your kids might be extra bored with their toys – and voila! Without spending a dime you have a whole bunch of new toys they haven’t seen for a while. It’s like Christmas came early. 


Your challenge today is to put away a bunch of toys, stuff them up in the top of your closet, in your car, in your basement, wherever they won’t be found for a couple of weeks. And please, please, please, take a before and after picture 📸 – show us that bag or box you’re putting away and use the hashtag #playpandemic to be entered into our awesome contest.

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