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4 Minute Meditation (Short Guided Morning Meditation for Manifestation)

Anyone can manage a 4 minute meditation right? A short guided morning meditation for manifestation is the perfect way for parents to start their day!

A 4 Minute Meditation Helps Us Show Up

Let’s show up for our morning and listen to this simple, nothing fancy, 4 minute meditation. Climbing kids welcome!


How a Short Guided Morning Meditation Changes Your Day

A short guided morning meditation has the power to change your entire day! Did you know that what we remember most about experiences tends to be the beginnings and the ends of them? Isn’t that interesting?

Now, this is a little fact that I want us to use to our advantage,because I know that there is a lot of “messy middle” in your day, right? If I find you around about 11 o’clock, there’s probably some chaos going on. Like, we didn’t quite fit with the schedule and things just got out of hand and this one’s having a tantrum and there’s a mess over there that I can’t clean up and I’ve got a to-do list down my back, right?

I know that there’s a messy middle that doesn’t feel very purposeful, it doesn’t feel intentional or visionary or CEO and all the things that we like to talk about over here. But, what does feel intentional and purposeful and on a mission could be your beginning and your end to the day.

A 4 Minute Meditation is Your Challenge Today – That’s It!

So today, a 4 minute meditation is your challenge. I want to challenge you to start your day with the best morning guided meditation (because, did I mention it’s FOUR MINUTES?!) And if you missed it for today, let’s do it for tomorrow.

I want to challenge you to take charge of the beginning of your day.

Listen, when I roll out of bed and I’m groggy and I can’t be bothered to get up and my kids have to drag me out… and then I kinda stay in my pajamas for a while or don’t wash my face for a while and don’t really show up to the day… I feel lousy and that lousy feeling permeates throughout the day.

Take Charge With This Free Guided Morning Meditation

Now, it’s so easy to go that direction when you’re home days on end, (ahem, most of us right now) and that’s exactly why it’s so important for us to¬† do this free guided morning meditation and take a little bit of creative charge over what we do in the mornings.

You guys all know there are morning routines and a million jillion things that you can do but I’m challenging you to do just the one thing.

Your Manifestation Challenge

I just want you to pop in some earphones or put the phone on speaker and listen to the morning meditation that comes with the Play Pandemic Guide.

It’s free, it’s really simple. There’s nothing fancy about it. I simply recorded what I would like to hear every morning as I go through this pandemic, right, with my family, as I go through this time on lockdown.

The thing is that when we start our day looking at the news or with a screaming child or feeling tired or with some kind of nasty phone call, that energy follows us throughout the day.

We get to decide. There’s so much out there we don’t control. There are some things we do control. We get to decide where we put our focus on first thing in the morning and I want to invite you at the next opportunity not to put your focus on Facebook or the news or anything else but to listen to a short guided morning meditation, and take a few deep breaths.

Children Welcome for the 4 Minute Meditation!

Your child can be on your lap for the guided morning meditation! My child is climbing on my back while I’m doing yoga every morning and I don’t care because I’m doing my best and I’m showing up imperfect as I am and imperfect as the situation is. Snap a picture of yourself after you’ve done that meditation, and share it out! We want everyone to know just a 4 minute meditation in the morning can change their entire day.

Show up for yourself and start the morning off on the right foot.

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