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Help your children develop resiliency & anti-fragility



We don’t want our kids to be stressed, but I think it’s safe to say we all want our children to be able to handle stress.

In this episode I discuss ways to help develop resiliency and anti-fragility in your children so they’ll be prepared to handle the stress of the “real world.”


  • [1:37] Giveaway winner!
  • [4:43] Stress is inevitable.
  • [7:15] Stress can be a positive thing.
  • [10:37] Too much stress can be damaging.
  • [12:42] Not enough stress can be damaging as well.
  • [15:39] Definition of fragile, resilient, adaptive, & antifragility.
  • [20:17] Don’t overprotect your children from information.
  • [28:07] Don’t overprotect your children from social discomfort.
  • [30:17] Don’t overprotect your children from risks.
  • [33:27] Don’t overprotect your children in their relationships with other adults.
  • [35:03] Don’t overprotect your children from their feelings.
  • [38:41] Don’t overprotect your children from responsibility.
  • [40:35] Share stories with your children (especially inspiring biographies).
  • [42:37] Label your children as strong and resilient.


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2 Replies to “TPJ 10: How to Raise Resilient Kids (Antifragility)”

  1. Your words are so fulfilling, they fill all those gaps in my mind and thoughts… I will always be grateful for coming across this platform!!
    Thank you! You are my hero!

  2. Aveetal really keeps my engine going with her podcasts and by prioritizing sets my mindset to the right direction and declutters my thoughts. She fills my days with gratitude and that’s the real power a parent needs. Thank you.

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