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Help your children develop resiliency & anti-fragility



We don’t want our kids to be stressed, but I think it’s safe to say we all want our children to be able to handle stress.

In this episode I discuss ways to help develop resiliency and anti-fragility in your children so they’ll be prepared to handle the stress of the “real world.”


  • [1:37] Giveaway winner!
  • [4:43] Stress is inevitable.
  • [7:15] Stress can be a positive thing.
  • [10:37] Too much stress can be damaging.
  • [12:42] Not enough stress can be damaging as well.
  • [15:39] Definition of fragile, resilient, adaptive, & antifragility.
  • [20:17] Don’t overprotect your children from information.
  • [28:07] Don’t overprotect your children from social discomfort.
  • [30:17] Don’t overprotect your children from risks.
  • [33:27] Don’t overprotect your children in their relationships with other adults.
  • [35:03] Don’t overprotect your children from their feelings.
  • [38:41] Don’t overprotect your children from responsibility.
  • [40:35] Share stories with your children (especially inspiring biographies).
  • [42:37] Label your children as strong and resilient.


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