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The holidays are often a mixed bag of emotions. It can be a privilege to have family and friends to meet up with during the holidays. But for many of us it’s a season of stress and frustration…especially when you do things differently from the norm, like peaceful & conscious parenting. 

  • [4:34] The stress and anxiety can become “normal” for us if we don’t do something about it. 
  • [6:50] We shouldn’t let differences and minor issues damage our relationships.
  • [9:58] Tip #1: Your breath.
  • [13:38] Tip #2: Visualization. 
  • [17:40] Tip #3: Focus on the good, not the bad. “Energy flows where attention goes.” -Tony Robbins
  • [22:53] Remember this season is temporary!
  • [23:51] You are the main leader and influence in your children’s life. 
  • [24:56] Being with diverse groups of people will broaden their horizons and capacity!  
  • [25:58] Take breaks. 
  • [27:55] Channel your inner “peaceful ninja”.

We can’t avoid some of the more unpleasant aspects of gathering with family over the holiday season, but we can use these tools to reduce the stress and anxiety that normally come with this time of year. Let’s use our breath to stay calm, our bubble to keep criticisms or judgments from bothering us, and focus only on the good during this holiday season. 

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3 Replies to “TPJ 46: How to Stay Zen During the Holidays”

  1. This is so relevant before the holidays! I love all the tricks. I used to say that I was putting my “duck coat” before stressful events, so all the comments/irratating moments would glide on me like water on a duck’s back. I will add all the other tips to my duck coat!

  2. LOVE the reminder that it is good for our kids to have diversity of experiences and social/authority styles. It’s easy for parents who read a lot of parenting books to get dogmatic and fearful of people doing it the “wrong” way, but we can be comforted by what you say: that the important stuff they are getting from us all the time isn’t going to be threatened too much by different adults’ ways of interacting with our kids.

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