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15 Self Care Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantine

If I suggest self care ideas for the Coronavirus quarantine, will you clobber me with a hammer? 🔨 I mean, rightly so! You’ve been on lockdown and are with your children 24/7,  you are all social distancing, you have no kind of help, you have no kind of outings, there is no kind of gym or spa or babysitters or anything. So self care might be a distant memory of a life lived long ago. I get it.

Yet here I am in your face telling you that today your challenge is to do some kind of radical act of self care. You will be able to show up for your day with GUSTO, and also help your kids get engaged, feel connected and play longer, deeper and better if you feel like a human being.

Watch: Tips to Take Care of Yourself During Covid-19

These self care ideas for the Coronavirus quarantine are an absolutely necessary way to recharge your batteries. 


Self Care Inspiration 

Maybe for you, self-care right now means:

  • Clipping your toenails –  honey… if so, no judgment. Go do it.
  • Putting a full face of makeup on.
  • Doing your own manicure.
  • Having a hot bubble bath with candles and Audible.
  • Cooking yourself your favorite dish.
  • Have an incredibly early night and ask your partner to get up in the morning and let you sleep in. Oh, it’s possible.
  • You’re really going to do your yoga session that you keep promising yourself you’re going to do.
  • You’re going to run on your treadmill or do pushups and pull-ups.
  • A dance party on zoom with your best friends.
  • You’re going to put your kids in front of a screen and have an hour-long heart to heart with your long lost bestie.

I don’t know what it means for you. Self care looks different for each of us.

But today, let me be that voice of the universe telling you that you do you. You take care of yourself today. You deserve it, but moreso, you need it. It’s not a luxury.

“It’s okay. I’m fine. No seriously, I’m fine…”

We’ve got to take those breaks. We have to really look after ourselves in some kind of radical way, so that we can show up and keep going because… guess what?

Tomorrow, all of this is starting all over again.

I know it’s like Groundhog’s Day and it’s going to keep repeating itself and that’s why you’ve got to create these breaks. You’ve gotta create these things to look forward to.

Things to Do at Home to Practice Self Love

When thinking of all the things to do at home (the chores, the cooking, the mess… ohhhh the mess…) there are simple, easy ways to still practice self love. Maybe you’re going to:

  • Pencil in a spa hour or two for yourself on the calendar.
  • Close your eyes and wear some noise canceling headphones and get some silence.
  • Have a roll in the hay with your partner.
  • Eat a lot of dark chocolate and drink a lot of wine.
  • Actually make the necessary arrangements in order to be able to do any of the things above!
    • Putting on a movie for the kids
    • Getting your partner to watch the kids
    • Involving the family with you!
    • Practicing your self-care while they’re asleep. 

I want to call you to realize that this is a filling of the bucket, it’s a charging of the batteries that is absolutely necessary.

“I seriously don’t have time for any self care routine.”

I’m going to guess that you have found the time to watch some Netflix or some TV or some YouTube or [pick your poison.] If I put all those hours together that you have spent in front of a screen, I bet it’s going to be quite a few hours a week. If that’s the case, then honey…

You do have the time for self care, you’re just not making the time.

So go and find out what it is, make the time, and let’s do it even if it’s for just five minutes.

Finish the sentence: “Today, my radical act of self care will be…”

This is your challenge for today. Post it on your social media with the hashtag #PlayPandemic and tag me (@parentingjunkie!)

There are only 3 days left in this 21 Day Play Pandemic Challenge, which means 3 days left to enter to win our amazing prizes!

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Record a video (or story) about how you have used the Play Pandemic Challenges to make the best out of Corona times. You didn’t have to do them all!

2. Tag me @parentingjunkie / The Parenting Junkie and write the hashtag #playpandemic. I can only see public profiles.

3. Save the video and send it to us!

Contest closes this Tuesday, April 21. See here for details!

Share Your Self Care Ideas

But meanwhile, let’s enjoy this challenge. So share it out with everybody. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Give us all your creative solutions and self care ideas for the Coronavirus quarantine ’cause we all need them!

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