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  1. Turn on your favorite music
  2. Get out in nature
  3. Take a few deep breaths
  4. Practice some yoga
  5. Go to bed early
  6. Read a good book
  7. Light a candle
  8. Take a bath/shower without rushing it
  9. Dance!
  10. Watch the clouds
  11. Color, paint, sketch…
  12. Call a friend (better yet, meet up)
  13. Just do *it* (run, lift, bike, swim…)
  14. Put on clothes that make you feel good
  15. Crochet, knit, craft…
  16. Snuggle with the family as if time didn’t exist
  17. Sing, sit down at the piano, or pull out your instrument…
  18. Star gaze when the kids are in bed
  19. Meditate
  20. Get away (for 10 minutes or 10 days!)
  21. Write a letter
  22. Journal
  23. Girls night/Guys night
  24. Go fishing, geocaching, wandering…
  25. Go adventuring: Kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking…
  26. Do what makes you laugh
  27. Date night/morning
  28. Enjoy a cup of tea, kombucha, coffee…
  29. Learn something new


What are your favorite self-care “rituals”? Don’t be bashful… frivolous encouraged! Let us know in the comments below. Now go fill your cup.

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One Reply to “29 Self Care Ideas”

  1. So many of these ideas can be done RIGHT NOW! Personally, I LOVE kayaking. Planning ahead is key for that one. But for what I’m going to do right now… give myself some oxygen by taking three deep breathes. Then I’m going to drink some water. Basics people. Goes a long way.

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