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  1. Choose Love.
  2. Respond, don’t react.
  3. We’re on the same team.
  4. What am I grateful for right now?
  5. This is not an emergency.
  6. It’ll be okay.
  7. Will this matter in a year? in a day?
  8. It’s not personal.
  9. No one is on fire.
  10. All behavior is communication.
  11. So what?
  12. Every moment is precious and it never returns.
  13. Connection over Correction.
  14. I am a calm and confident leader.
  15. What is the most loving things I can do right now?
  16. He’s not giving me a hard time, he’s having a hard time.
  17. HALT: Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?
  18. I’m the adult.
  19. No one can make me feel anything.
  20. I can handle this.
  21. This is normal.
  22. My calm is never ending.
  23. I’ve got this.
  24. I am not above my child.
  25. Big emotions are allowed in this house.
  26. Treat them like you want to be treated.
  27. Breathe.
  28. Expectations are the enemy of joy.
  29. The days are long but the years are short.
  30. I am not alone in this.


Next time you are feeling triggered, what will you say to yourself? Post it on the mirror, the fridge, your hand! But first, post it in the comments below.

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One Reply to “30 Things to Say to Yourself When Feeling Triggered”

  1. I was feeling really triggered yesterday (I think parents need to use HALT: hungry? angry? lonely? tired? for themselves! I think yesterday I was all four!). I stopped and said to myself, Choose Love. It was almost hard to say, but what a difference.

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