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Family Motto – The ONE Line That Changes How Kids Think

Having a family motto, a mantra, a tagline, a mission statement or a catchphrase encapsulates what your family stands behind in just a few words. And it’s something so powerful that it can change the way your children think about the world and your family as a unit. 

Watch Today’s Video for More Family Motto Ideas

Family motto ideas will be unique to your family core values. Though, I’ll share a few family taglines to get you started. Here’s how to create your family mantra:


You’re the CEO – What’s Your Family Slogan?

Since you are the CEO of your family, my challenge for you today is to craft your family slogan. CEO’s come up with taglines, with mission statements, with vision boards, and with values that guide their team and their company towards a specific goal.  It’s a clever little trick that has benefited many different movements, organizations, countries, clubs, and even religions.

Let them do the same for your family.

Good Family Mottos Come From Good Family Values

Good family mottos aren’t one-size-fits-all. They spring from the good family values your family already holds. They ground us and focus our attention on what we believe in. They are a way of forming our identity and our sense of self. 

Family Motto Examples

Here are some family motto examples:

  • We can do hard things
  • We can figure this out
  • We’re in this together


What could be more powerful than raising our children with certain phrases that shape their view of the world, and our families as a unit?


So what is your family mantra gonna be? 

  • Maybe it’s just one word: love, or peace
  • Or maybe it’s two words: love and peace
  • Maybe it’s something around how we stay and figure things out. We don’t leave. We don’t walk off. Even when the going gets tough, we stay.

Mantra Challenge

There are so many things your mantra might be, and it could even be several. But what I want to challenge you to do is to write it down. You could make a fancy picture or you could scribble it on a Post-It note. Just keep it somewhere for you and your family to see. 

What are some mantras that can uplift us, help us as parents, help us as families, help us with siblings or with ourselves?

I would love you to write them down or snap a picture and help inspire one another. Use the hashtag #playpandemic, and don’t forget to tag all your friends so that they’re inspired, too!

Family Mottos To Live By… For Now

Your mantra doesn’t have to be fancy. Just some simple words to keep you grounded and positive. Today, your goal is to decide on a family motto to live by… for today, this week, or maybe just for this Corona Time. At least for today.

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    I don’t have Facebook. I really want to join present play, but do i need Facebook for that? I don’t like Facebook, so I am really hoping to avoid it, but I also really want the benefits of a present play membership. I hope you can answer this here 🙂
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    1. Hi Kristina! You absolutely do not need Facebook. Present Play will provide immense value to you even if you choose not to engage in the community aspects – or to engage in them minimally. My sneaky prediction, though, is that you might surprise yourself. One of the most common comments we get in the group is: “I don’t usually post on social media, but this group is so incredible that I just had to share this…”

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