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In today’s final challenge I want to ask you to make a promise to yourself.

It’s a promise every Present Player has made to themselves the moment they joined Present Play (which opens today, woot woot!):


Pledge to Become a Creator, Not a Consumer

Just like me, you’re plugged into your device and with it, to the opinions of billions of people.

The trouble is that when we give away our powers and become passive consumers of what other people are feeding us, we lose control of our lives and the narratives we tell about ourselves. 

Today I want to challenge you to make a decision, a pledge if you will, and to sign a contract with yourself that:

  • I will no longer allow other people’s stories, agendas, ideas, philosophies, dogmas, and dictates to make me feel anything. Unless I give them consent to. 
  • I will no longer permit that person I’m stalking on social media to make me feel like a rubbish mom (or dad) because I’ll remind myself that I’m comparing my backstage to their front stage. 
  • I will no longer enable that article (on the importance of special time) to make me feel like a failure of a parent because I’ll remind myself that I get to decide which parenting philosophies work for our family. 
  • I will no longer let that comment from my neighbor rub me the wrong way because I’ll remind myself that parenting is contextual, and we all are doing the best we can with what we have. 

Consuming without Creating is a Big Fat Waste of Time

The information just stays in your head but makes no difference to your life. 

Instead, pledge to create family bliss. To do that, you need to become a creator, not a consumer. 

My guess is – you know what you need to do.

You know about the play zones that help independent play and the time slots that go into creating flow. You know about how to help siblings with conflicts and how to take charge of your mindset. 

But there’s a powerful difference between knowing the things and doing the things. 

You see, we all know that going to the gym 👟 and drinking lots of water 🚰 will make us healthy, right? But does that mean we do it? No. Information stays comfortable in the head. We’re stuck in consumption mode, not creating the real results we want in our family life. 

Today, I challenge you to 🛑 stop being so much of a consumer of other people’s ideas and become more of a creator of your results.

I’m a performance coach for parents – if I don’t help you create actual results in your life, then I’ve failed at my job. Inspiring you is not enough. I need to get you to take effective action and see the transformations you’re craving in real life. 

  • Become a creator on social media: when you log in – log on to contribute something positive, rather than simply consuming passively. 
  • Become a creator of your home: don’t just default to whatever hand-me-downs and clutter you’ve accumulated, design and redesign to suit your family’s highest good. 
  • Become a creator of your time and flow: instead of letting society and culture dictate your busy schedule (or what you can’t do) – design your daily and weekly flow with purpose, rooted in your family’s values.
  • Become a creator of the type of parent you want to be: rather than consuming all the parenting books, articles, blogs, videos – consume a little less (or let me summarize them for you) and take what you learn and apply it before you consume more. 
  • Become a creator of the types of relationships your family has: Don’t just say, “my kid is super clingy” or “my kids always fight” or “my marriage is unsatisfying” – create the relationships you want to have. 

Create Family Bliss

Creating bliss is possible even in the darkest of times.

Focusing on the joy, connection, love that characterizes blissful moments – is exactly what our families need right now. And always.

That’s what we do in Present Play – we are creators.

We don’t just accept the hardships, the challenges, the default stress  – we actively shape our family’s life into what we want it to be.

We create space, flow, experiences, peace, energy, and wisdom. 

Present Play is the guide for parents who want to create the family life that they love. 

Present Play is performance coaching for visionary parents. 

It’s designed to help you create family bliss every single month

You’re already the Founder of your Family Unit

Now it’s time to become the CEO of your family. So take the pledge and share it out to all your friends.

Your Challenge:

☝️ Look out for this post on Instagram (@parentingjunkie, #playpandemic), and leave a 🗨️ comment of one area you’re going to consume less and create more. (Feel free to use either of the images in this post on your social media too!)

PS We’re loving the videos and insta stories coming in! Today is your last chance to submit a video to be entered to win one of these awesome prizes:

Here’s How:

  1. Shoot a little video of yourself telling how you have used the Play Pandemic to make the best out of corona times.
  2. Share it out on social media with #PlayPandemic – make sure it’s marked public so we can see it! Tag us with @parentingjunkie on Instagram or @theparentingjunkie on Facebook
  3. Email us a copy of your so we can share it out too!
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