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You want a present, peaceful and playful family life? I'm here to help you make that a reality.

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“So I totally got on board with this peaceful parenting thing, but IT DOESN’T WORK! My kids don’t LISTEN to me and they’re NOT respecting me.” – Janice

If you’ve ever felt this way, or feel the pressure from other people, you aren’t alone. I see this comment a lot, and I can understand the frustration.


We ALL want our children to be collaborative and cooperative, we all want our children to LISTEN to us, and we all need to set limits, expectations and guidelines on a daily basis as the parent.


You may be wondering, WHY wouldn’t obedience be my goal? Or, you may be asking yourself, why this is so hard.


Do you ever feel, it’s not working? Do you feel like you’re missing a piece to this THIRD way that sets itself apart from punitive or permissive? Do you get lost in knowing which limits to set, let alone how? If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out Empathic Limits.

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