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The Minimalist Newborn (The Essentials You DON’T Need)


As new parents we are bombarded with advertisements and well meaning advice from others telling us all the ESSENTIALS we need for a new baby. Especially for your first child, it is so easy to get overwhelmed. What do you really need? What do you NOT need? What is nice to have? I have honestly found that nothing beats holding, changing, feeding, or burping when baby is fussy. One can get by with just a few new items and baby will thrive and develop appropriately. A lot of us are also trying to make a current living space work with a new addition to the family! I say you definitely can if you want to.

So here is my list of Newborn Non-Essentials plus one thing that IS essential.

10 Things My Baby Doesn’t Have (And I don’t want him to…)

  1. No Baby Seat–   No swing, rocker, or any props to sit baby up either. Typically it’s best for baby’s development to be on their back or tummy so they can begin to move and roll around. We DO have a bath tub seat that I take around the house with me if I need baby to be in an upright position. I love it and it’s all we need!
  2. No Diaper Bag – Although I have a bag, it is not designated just for diapers. I usually take a few diapers and a change of clothes out with us. Another great option is a baby carrier that has pockets.
  3. No Newborn Toys – With four kids in the house, we have plenty of toys in the already! Specifically for my newborn, I don’t have any mobiles, pictures, toys, or fluffy memorabilia lining the crib or stroller. That’s just how I roll!  Baby E truly doesn’t have stuff beyond his needs, except for a wooden gymboree. It is aesthetically pleasing to me, and we can hang different things like my scarves, or pretty tassels from it. You most likely already have plenty around the house that is interesting for your baby to look at like plants and curtains!  Later on a teether and some balls are nice, but newborns are just working on focusing their eyes and seeing you as you move about your day! That’s what is interesting to them. 
  4. No Changing Table – With all 4 kids, we never needed  an extra piece of bulky furniture! I usually change them on a receiving blanket, on the bed, or even on the couch. I can do that because my babies are usually very clean.  Have you heard of Elimination Communication? Which brings me to the next point.
  5. No Disposable Diapers – The majority of the time my babies are wearing cloth diapers by Bum Genius and a few others, or using a little potty (yes even my newborn!).  This is nice because I don’t have to run out and get diapers all the time, or keep the cupboard full of them. Sometimes, we do use Seventh Generation brand disposable diapers.
  6. No Wipes – We do have some wipes around the home, and I do take some when we are on-the-go to clean up spills etc., but otherwise I prefer to clean my baby’s bottom with warm water. None of my children have had a diaper rash before, and so I have never bought any special ointment either!8
  7. No Bottle, Formula,  or Pump –   By all means if you DO need these things, than this one might not apply to you. But I am full-time breastfeeding, and so this is one more way that I am able to minimize since my baby never needs a bottle.
  8. No Pacifiers –   Given our troubles with sleep, I did try to give Baby number 4 a pacifier but he never took one!
  9. No Bassinet, Crib, or Nursing Pillow – We have a little cocoon (included in the Free Newborn Guide) which fits into any regular stroller. This saved a lot of money and storage space this time around because we didn’t need to purchase a special bassinet attachment. Babies outgrow bassinets in a few months anyway. We are also comfortable with having the cocoon in the bed with us too, as a safe way to co-sleep. Although we have a crib that someone has lent us, it may not be necessary at all for your family. My toddler still sleeps in a pack and play as her main bed.
  10. No Sleep…The ONE things baby DOES NEED.  Enough sleep is obviously essential for your baby and their developing brain! It is also crucial for mama while healing and recovering from childbirth. Here is a video about baby sleep, but more to come on baby number 4’s sleep issues.

Free Newborn Guide

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In this PDF GUIDE I’ll include all the things I’ve loved this time around, with baby number 4!

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