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How to Create The Marriage and Family You’ve Always Wanted

We’ve all inherited a blueprint for relationships from our parents, whether we’ve acknowledged it or not. And unless we examine it further, we’re destined to have the same relationship as our parents.

Some of us may have been blessed with a great model for how to properly treat others, communicate, and resolve conflicts. But many were not so blessed, and even if you were, there are likely things about your parent’s relationship that you would do differently. 

In this episode we’re going to discuss the process of examining our parent’s relationship and how we can create the relationship and family we’ve always wanted (plus set up our kids for relational success!). 

  • [02:52] Ask yourself: Do I want my parent’s relationship?
  • [04:48] Our parent’s relationship formed a sub-conscious blueprint for our own relationships.
  • [07:07] If we don’t address it, we’re likely to repeat it. 
  • [08:35] Or we reject it completely and try to do the exact opposite.
  • [11:08] Our kids learn how to interact with others from the way they see us interact with our partner.
  • [15:26] Pick the best from our parent’s marriage, and find alternatives for the rest.
  • [17:57] Look at your parent’s marriage with an external, objective viewpoint.
  • [19:46] Envision the relationship and family you want to create.
  • [22:27] Develop the skills necessary to make our dream a reality and start making small changes to our thoughts, words, and actions.

We owe it to ourselves and our children (and their children!) to put in the work to create the marriage and family of our dreams. There will be a cascading effect that will change generations.  

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