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The Helicopter Parenting Epidemic

Surely, you couldn’t be helicopter parenting, could you? In this podcast episode, I want to address an issue I see a lot; overparenting. 

Helicopter Parenting: You Might be a Helicopter Parent If…

Helicopter Parenting might be a term you’ve heard, but not known what it meant or… (*whispering*) if YOU were one…  Perhaps you’ve heard of overparenting or snowplow parenting, which are one and the same. If not, here are some indicators that you specifically may want to listen to this episode.

Have you felt tired or burned out in your parenting? Ever feel like you’re “on” all the time and never get a break? Do you think your child’s happiness and entertainment fall squarely on your shoulders?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might actually be a helicopter parent and not even know it! Let’s listen and find out…


[03:01] What is overparenting?

[07:24] A big indicator of overparenting: Parental Burnout

[08:08] Overparenting is not good for the parents

[10:45] Don’t take on other people’s roles

[12:34] Overparenting is not good for children

[15:34] Overparenting makes children weak, timid, and fragile.

[16:53] It’s not your job to keep your children happy

[20:09] It’s not your job to constantly entertain your children.

[24:00] Get comfortable with discomfort.


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Summary: How to Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent

If you find yourself in the overparenting camp, you can avoid becoming a helicopter parent by start sitting back a little more. Let some of those things go, and stop taking on roles you weren’t meant to take on.  

Have you ever thought you might be overparenting or becoming a helicopter parent?

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