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How To Fall Back In Love (Happily Ever After Kids!)

If your relationship has suffered after having or adopting children, you can still learn how to fall back in love! I’ve certainly gone through ups and downs, and most of my friends and clients have too. While challenges certainly are inevitable, life-long suffering in your relationship doesn’t have to be. 

Do You Want to Learn How To Fall Back in Love With Your Partner?

In this episode, I’m going to offer advice that will help you learn how to fall back in love with your partner. I’ll ask some questions and even give you a little tough love to inspire and encourage you to do what it takes to turn things around! 

Listen: How to Fall Back in Love with your Spouse or Partner

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The Parenting Junkie Show Timestamps

[01:03] How did your relationship change after having kids? 

[04:26] We often neglect the relationship with our partner

[07:02] Deep down we all know our relationships are important. But many people underestimate just how important they really are.

[11:40] The relationship with our partner is the most important relationship of our life.

[17:03] We have to admit when things aren’t going well before we can start to turn things around.

[17:43] Most of us weren’t taught how to have successful relationships.

[22:17] It’s hard, but worth the fight! It’s worth what it takes!

[23:12] Myth: We should put our kids before ourselves.

[24:18] Your relationship becomes the “relationship curriculum” for your children.

[27:02] Relationships are like plants. Take care of them, or they wither and die. 

[29:47] We have to stop hiding behind our children.

[31:49] It’s time to wake up! The plant is wilting and needs attention. 

[33:22] If there’s something you’re wishing for or desiring, it’s safe to assume your partner has a similar wish or desire.

[34:40] It’s not too late to start making changes!

[38:00] New mini-course: Worth The Fight

[39:11] New mini-course: Got To Grow

[44:06] Q&A

[44:17] Do you have specific suggestions about how to fight?

[45:17] What is the difference between the Power Couple Workshop and the course?

[46:25] Is it worth the fight if I’m the only one who tries to work on the relationship?

[55:37] Which course is better for just starting out? 

[56:19] What if my partner drinks alcohol and is very hard to be with or talk with after dinner?

[58:02] Can I pay with PayPal?

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How To Fall Back In Love (There is a Happily Ever After Kids!)

It’s not too late to learn how to fall back in love – and yes, there is a happily ever after kids! The Fairytales only tell half the story. Now it’s time to write the other half. 


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