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I'm Avital.

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In this episode I’m going to give you actionable tools for overcoming anxiety as a parent SO THAT you can cruise through your days worry free!

I’m no stranger to anxiety and have struggled with it off and on throughout my life. After lots of therapy, research, and trial and error, I’ve come up with an effective approach for dealing with anxiety, fear, and worry.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How I struggled with anxiety and PTSD during some turbulent and deadly times while living in Israel.
  • How I struggled with anxiety and fear about SIDS, amplified by some family history with it.
  • The ineffective ways we often try to deal with anxiety, which actually help feed it.
  • Simple and effective ways to overcome anxiety and live free from worry.

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2 Replies to “TPJ 4: How to Overcome Anxiety as a Parent (Weird but Works!)”

  1. Big thank you from a mum of twin toddlers. Your content is so inspiring that I can feel your positive attitude and bright spirit at the other end of the screen. I am from China. I hope we have this kind of parents support community and resources there. I believe the life of parents would be improved so much. Pkease keep it up. Thank you

  2. I saw this episode recommended on another parent’s IG feed. It was the first I’d heard of your podcast and I really enjoyed it. One question I have stems from encouraging physical risk taking. I see this mentioned by a lot of parenting experts, and one thing I never hear mentioned is the reality of insurance in the US. When we had crappy insurance and were living on one income, I hovered much more than I do now that we have decent insurance. I see the forest schools in Europe and love their philosophy so much, but when implemented in the US, they are definitely watered down. How can we as parents navigate our desires to truly set kids free vs the reality that for so many of us, we just can’t afford to?

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