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Do the words “Leadership” and “Parenting” belong together?



Leadership and Family. How about Leadership and Parenting? Do these things go together? 

When you became a parent maybe you began to feel more like a servant than a leader. Maybe you feel like you just need to keep people alive and happy, get them what they need, and be there for them. 

Leadership is an act of service, but it’s very different than being a servant.  When we’re servants we don’t have a vision, but when we’re leaders this is at the very crux of good leadership. 

A clear vision.

In this episode we’re going to talk about leadership and how we can be effective leaders for our families. A lot of us were thrown into this parenting role without developing our skills as a leader.

  • [3:46] Most of us default to what was modeled for us in our own childhood. Perhaps your own parents were permissive (weak leaders) or authoritarian (overbearing leaders).
  • [7:08] Sometimes parenthood feels more like being a servant than a leader.
  • [9:23] We should look to influential leaders for inspiration in our parenting.  
  • [11:30] We are of service to our children, but not servants to them.
  • [15:12] What would it look like if we stepped into the role of being the visionary for our family?
  • [17:53] Bad bosses can teach us what NOT to do.
  • [21:06] Great bosses can show us what it looks like to successfully lead a group of individuals.
  • [23:36] We have an obligation to create a vision for our family…and it doesn’t happen through control.
  • [26:59] Children need leaders.
  • [28:01] Leaders keep themselves together. They don’t melt down on those they lead.
  • [30:06] We have to be willing to make hard choices, often with imperfect information, and deal with the conflict or consequences.


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What were YOUR examples of leadership at home? AND who was your best boss ever or someone who  inspired to you? What was he or she like? What did his or her leadership look like? How can this translate to your parenting?

Tell me in the comments.

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