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Mindset is so important when it comes to growth, challenges, and the daily “grind.” In this episode I want to share a mindset shift that we can use to reframe the work it takes to create great relationships. And it comes from a surprising source…Michelangelo. 

  • [03:21] Our shortcomings can leave us feeling broken, overwhelmed, and frustrated.
  • [05:55] Sometimes we look to others to model what we should do, and over-work ourselves trying to fit someone else’s mold.
  • [10:27] Move toward a model that feels more organic and whole. 
  • [11:47] There’s a “power couple” inside of you and your partner. 
  • [13:49] We are “figures slumbering in the stone.”
  • [14:34] Focus on chipping away at those things that don’t serve us.
  • [16:53] You’re the sculptor. No one else can do it for you. 
  • [18:16] It’s more helpful to focus on what you need to take away vs. what you need to add. 
  • [22:10] Chip away at our “low vibe mindsets.”
  • [23:52] Chip away at our toxic patterns and behaviors.
  • [25:25] Chip away at our misaligned choices

When we start to chip away at these areas, we start to reveal our inner power couple. You’ll find that if you focus more on removing what doesn’t serve you, your relationships will transform and you’ll see real, lasting change. 

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One Reply to “TPJ 54: Michelangelo Can Transform Your Relationship”

  1. You said it.
    Easier said than done. I’m victim of all three mistakes that you recommended we chip away.
    Thank you I think this was really helpful. I’m going to keep the notes I took handy.

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