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When it comes to your relationship with your partner, do you ever feel like you’re just managing? Like you’re just roommates? You may even feel downright miserable.

If you’ve ever experienced disappointment, frustration, unmet expectations, loss of passion, mediocrity, or misery, you’re not alone! Many people have experienced this, including myself.

In this episode we’ll discuss how ignorance and the desire to maintain the status quo may be holding you back from your dream relationship.

  • [05:17] Why I talk about partnering & relationships.
  • [06:07] Is ignorance really bliss?
  • [08:36] Staying ignorant keeps us stuck in place, stuck in the status quo, and holds us back from our hopes and dreams.
  • [12:34] Ending the relationship is not your only option.
  • [14:15] Feeling like there’s something missing and wanting more isn’t wrong and doesn’t mean you’re broken.
  • [17:52] You can’t force someone else to change. The answer is to roll up our sleeves, get to work, and create the bliss we desire.
  • [21:45] Either way you’re expending energy…you might as well put it into activities that will improve your relationship!

Redirect the energy you’re putting into staying unhappy to things that will move you forward. You’ll soon notice a difference and will build momentum in the right direction.  

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