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3 Positive Mindset Shifts To Move You From UNSURE to UNSHAKEABLE

Today I am sharing 3 positive mindset shifts that have helped me make decisions with compassion, clarity, and confidence in the face of Corona uncertainty, judgment, and disagreements. 

So many of us have been pushing through this pandemic, waiting and hoping for things to return to some sort of “normal”. But with a second wave sweeping through the world it seems like it may never get back to normal.

And now with the school year approaching and continued restrictions wherever we go, there’s no end to the opportunities to feel anxious, fearful, and overwhelmed. 

Listen: 3 Positive Mind Set Shifts for 2nd Wave Pandemic Parenting

In this episode, I want to offer 3 positive mind set shifts to help you recommit, reenergize, and reinvigorate yourself, bolstering your resolve.



[05:58] If you’re feeling frustrated, cooped up, judged, irritated, etc., you’re not alone.

[08:13] How can we view everything through a more compassionate lens?

[09:21] I believe there’s a better way to handle differences of opinion.

[17:11] Mindset #1: The benefit of the doubt.

[22:03] Mindset #2: Believe in yourself.

[26:51] Mindset #3: Be the you that you want to be.


Keeping a Positive Mindset After Listening

How do you plan on keeping a positive mindset in the face of opposition? If today’s episode inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway.   Take a selfie of you listening or a screenshot of the show, post it to instagram stories, and tag me @parentingjunkie or feel free to DM me on instagram, I try to reply to as many as I can!

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Can Having a Positive Mindset Change The World?

Let’s focus on having a positive mindset rather than approaching things with anxiety, judgement, shame, and guilt. We can use our positive growth mindset to come at things with love, grace, compassion, integrity, and make a positive impact on the world.

Let’s be the people who increase calmness, peace, and reason.

People who promote a sense of togetherness instead of tearing us apart. 

These are the ways I hope having a positive mindset will change the world.

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