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The Dangerous Social Media Effects on Family Life

Does social media stress you out? Research indicates that there are dangerous social media effects on family life. It can cause anxiety and even depression. I’ve heard countless people say they felt great after taking a break from it. Why is that? 

Social Media Effects – Call-Out Culture, Judgment, & Diversity of Thought

In this episode, I discuss social media effects on mental wellbeing.  I want to offer a breakdown of the recent social media landscape; how it may be harming us, what we can do to keep our sanity.



[04:56] Links between social media and anxiety and depression.

[10:37] Social media seems to be getting darker and the cons are beginning to outweigh the pros. 

[14:23] A large part of it stems from anonymity, and losing face-to-face interactions.

[18:49] There’s a major lack of accountability.

[22:52] There’s a lack of discourse and an inflation of terminology.

[24:22] The main factor contributing to anxiety is catastrophizing.

[25:30] We’re also losing our individuality.

[26:28] There’s a major lack of diversity of thought. 

[35:38] It’s brought back public shaming (which we did away with in the 1800’s)

[36:33] Can we start interacting online like we do with people offline? 

[40:50] Social media is heavily influencing us and ultimately enslaving us.



Social media is a tool, and all tools can be used for good or evil.


Positive Effects of Social Media

There are so many positive effects of social media. It can be a tool that unites us, helps us keep up with friends and family and develop bonds and connections with people we otherwise wouldn’t have the pleasure of meeting. 

Negative Effects of Social Media

But there are countless negative effects of social media on mental wellbeing. It can be a major source of anxiety and depression, and can derail the relationships with people in our “real life”. So let’s re-evaluate our social media habits and make changes where necessary. 

We Can Lessen the Negative Impact of Social Media

To decrease the negative impact on social media, we can start giving people the benefit of the doubt and treat each other with respect and dignity (like we would if we were interacting in person). If we do this, we may see a shift in our interactions online. 


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The Dangerous Social Media Effects on Family Life

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