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Renee Jain is back for another episode! With so many parents finding themselves homeschooling, we thought we should offer some practical tips to help parents through this challenging transition and help you (and your kids) stay sane! 

  • [02:50] Cut yourself some slack. It’s not realistic to think you’ll be a homeschooling pro in a couple of weeks. 
  • [03:05] Kids go through a “de-schooling” process; expect it to be rocky.
  • [05:41] Be realistic about the amount of time it takes to figure out a flow that works for your family.
  • [07:33] Some routine and rhythm is helpful. Try focusing on 3 “big rocks”
  • [12:11] What is our role in all of this?
  • [13:37] The highest priority is to preserve an energy for connection and family joy.
  • [15:31] Trying to recreate a school experience at home is a complete waste of energy and causes disconnection between us and our children.
  • [17:31] Let’s not put academic pressure on our children during this time. They’ll be able to make up for whatever was “lost”.
  • [19:15] So what should they be doing? Play. 
  • [19:56] This is an opportunity to show us just how capable our children are of entertaining themselves.
  • [22:54] Play is crucial for our children’s development.
  • [24:24] Become a play guru! 
  • [25:59] We can have certain rules around a few things, but for the most part, let your children be.
  • [27:43] We can help our children get into a state of “flow” in their play (which I call free play).
  • [29:44] When you’re in “flow”, you’re not directed or rewarded by someone else. The activity is the reward.
  • [30:03] Don’t interrupt their flow! Let them be.
  • [31:54] This also teaches them responsibility for using their time well.
  • [33:36] Experiment with strewing! 
  • [35:52] Boredom is a choice. If they’re bored, put it back on them. Help them in age appropriate ways, but let them figure it out. 
  • [37:22] There’s a difference between encouraging independent play and being disconnected.
  • [38:00] Give your full attention during care-giving activities, but otherwise, give them some space.
  • [41:14] Homeschooling doesn’t require you to be constantly present all day long.
  • [45:50] Thinking you have to entertain your children all day long will lead to resentment. 
  • [46:39] Hold the boundary and they’ll adjust and get over it.
  • [48:22] Set limits to protect the relationship.
  • [49:33] How to stay organized when strewing.
  • [50:26] Don’t take it personally if they aren’t into a strew idea. Some will land, and some will not.

It’ll take a little time to “de-school” and figure out a new normal. Focus on helping your children play and get into “flow” and don’t worry about their academics. It may not happen overnight, but you’ll see change quicker than you think.  

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