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Quality Time with Family During Lockdown – What to Do at Home

Quality time with family is a beautiful way to spend a moment during this crisis in the world 🌎. Here’s what to do at home with your kids to make a forced lockdown feel like a family retreat! 

What to Do at Home to Spend Quality Time with Family

Quality time with family doesn’t have to be a big production! Here’s what to do at home as a family bonding activity!


Things to Do at Home with Kids During a Crisis

So what are some things to do at home with kids that can turn a forced lockdown into a family retreat? Well one of the things to do at home with family is to set a little time aside for the things that feel like a retreat, like a vacation from regular life 🌴.

Now I hope that you’re on your way to living a regular life by this point. We all have to adjust and adapt, but this is our reality at the moment. And that means we’re working, we’re hustling, we’re doing all the things that we might have to do to keep our lives running smoothly – our jobs, our businesses, our household…

But I also want you to set out a little bit of time today to revel and to connect and to bond with your kids over storytelling 📙 and memory-making 💖.

Family Bonding Activities To Do At Home

What are some family bonding activities to do at home with your kids that will create family memories to last a lifetime? Well my guess is that you might have some family albums 📖, some old photos from your own childhood 🎞️, or some pictures on your phone from the day that your child was born 👶🏻, for example. And I would love for you to set a little bit of time aside today to actually look over those pictures!

Maybe you discover some old picture that you have to send to your sister 🤣, or something that you have to tell your child about, about the time that you were pregnant with them 🤰 or expecting them 👩‍👩‍👦.

Family Bonding Time over Storytelling

It is an amazing experience to sit down and have some family bonding time through telling stories with kids – stories about how you and your partner met, stories about how they came into the world, stories about how that changed you, and changed your partnership, and your family forever.

So I want you to really think about how much these moments of quality family time can influence our children’s lives.

forced lockdown crossed out and family retreat written underneath

I know we’re all very worried about how our children are experiencing this time, about how we are experiencing this time, but it is very soothing to our nervous system to settle in for some storytelling and family bonding in that way. It’s an ancient practice that’s embedded in our DNA code 🧬, in our genetic code, to tell the group stories. And this is a very powerful way of forming family identity.

Spend Quality Time Forming Your Family Identity

Spend quality time with each other by forming your family identity. It is one of the opportunities of this lockdown time. It’s a time to discover who we are as a family, what we stand for, what type of stories we tell when we’re being given the chance.

And I think that that is really an exciting and meaningful way to bring fulfillment. I talk a lot about creating family bliss, and I say “creating” because we literally have to craft those experiences. 

Family Bonding Rituals

We have a family bonding ritual where every Friday we light candles 🕯️ and welcome Sabbath and take on a day of screen-free and tech-free living. Maybe you have a ritual around bedtime 🛌🏾, or around bath time 🛀. Maybe there’s some time that you sing specific songs, or listen to specific music, or meet with specific people when that’s available.

To Do At Home Today: Family Bonding Activities

Here’s what to do at home today! Can you create a family bonding activity and offer that experience? Can you light a candle🕯️? Can you get cozy under the blankets? Maybe you can light a fire 🔥, maybe you get some hot chocolate ☕ or some cookies 🍪 and you look through these old pictures and tell the stories. The stories of the grandparents, the stories of the heritage, the stories of the culture, the stories of you and your partner, or the story of how your child came to the world.

These moments can create magic in the day 🌟, in a day that’s otherwise chaotic, stressful, and full of so many things, that we don’t have a chance to just sit down and connect.


So the challenge today is to bond over family memories, to create family stories together, and to really experience beautiful family bonding. So if you can share a picture of yourself snuggled with your child, or perhaps some picture that you told your child a story about.

  • What family stories are you sharing today?
  • How are you creating family bonding memories?
  • How are you crafting the sense of family identity and creating family bliss?

Quality Time with Family Helps Connect During Crisis

Don’t forget to share out your picture 📸 on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #playpandemic. Invite all your friends to do the same! What a beautiful way to spend a moment during this crisis in the world, a moment of retreat, a moment of sacred connection, a moment of quality time with family and a moment of true family bonding.

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