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Picky Eating Role Play with Dr. Laura Markham

When you’ve put together a beautiful meal for your child – balanced it just so, and they say “yuck” (heart drops). Man that sucks. I’m putting Dr. Laura Markham‘s theories to the test!  I act out a 4 year old, refusing dinner and she responds with her peaceful parenting approach.

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3 Replies to “You Make Dinner and They Say “Yuck”?”

  1. Love this! Great acting 🙂 !
    2 scenarios we have are:
    A) 2 year old will eat just the meat then say “all done”. Veggies don’t get eaten and he doesn’t ask for anything else- then asks for extra milk at bedtime to fill up. How would you deal with this?

    B). 4 year old says “that looks disgusting. I’m not hungry” then insists he is not hungry no matter what I say!

    Both of them also play with their food and start making a mess / throwing things on the floor during meal time if they are not eating it and bored. Help!! 🙂

  2. I loved the video. In my house the alternative is fruit, but then he has to wait for the next meal. I love the idea of it being something they make themselves. Yogurt could also be a good idea.
    My son actually asked me for “hot food please mommy” after a few days of eating only fruit.

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