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What Hypnobirthing Taught Me About Laboring and Parenting

Many of us approach pregnancy, labor and birth with a bucket load of fears and anxiety. Mostly from the messages we’re inundated with by our culture and the media that surrounds us, we begin to think of labor and birth as deeply painful and scary. And of course, this greatly effects our ability to relax and release.

This calls for a rewire.

No matter the choice you are able to make regarding your birth and no matter what comes outside of your control, I highly recommend that you delve into the world of Hypnobirthing and listen to the audios.

In case you’re wondering which exact resources I like and recommend for hypnobirthing and birth prep in general, I’ve got you covered! Get the 15-page PDF Guide for free here…

FREE DOWNLOAD | Peaceful Pregnancy PDF Guide

When you learn the tools of hypnobirthing, you train yourself to get into a deep state of relaxation on command. You prepare by practicing through meditations and affirmations to embed a message of empowerment and capability as you approach birth.

If instead you consciously decide what type of experience you want, one that’s rooted in trust and in love rather than in fear, you can begin to rewire your brain to approach that experience in that way.

Hypnobirthing transformed not only my approach to birth, but my approach to life itself.

Take tantrums for example.

Do you hate to hear crying? Whining? See “bad” negative feelings coming from your child? Are you walking on eggshells around your child to keep from setting them off? This all comes from a place of fear.

My hypnobirthing experience is exactly what inspired me to make my Peaceful Parenting Meditation Album! How to approach the daily struggles of parenting from a place of empowerment rather than a place of fear and anxiety.

The same skills can be applied to tantrums. Instead of allowing tantrums triggering panic, fear and dread – peaceful tantrums ride the wave of emotions from a centered place of calm, strength and relaxation. These are REAL skills that anyone can learn.

MEDITATION ALBUM | Peaceful Parenting Meditations

Do you have experience in hypnobirthing? Have you used my meditation album? Please share about it in the comments below! I’ll be reading:)

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Do you practice mediation? Have you any experience with Hypnobirthing? Tell me about it! 

Leave a PEACEFUL if you believe we need more and less of fear in our life – whether it’s during labor or every day of parenting.


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4 Replies to “What I Learned from Hypnobirthing”

  1. Congrats Avital on your latest addition! Love this video on hypnobirthing. Unfortunately i came across the concept only after my child was born so my journey is to find the growth, strength and learning from having had a traumatic birth experience. Love learning more about how the concept of hypnobirthing applies to parenting in general and how it informed your approach. That makes so much sense! Funnily enough I’ve been on a hypnobirthing newsletter since i discovered it. I just couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe and now i see why. I never thought of learning more about it in order to augment my parenting not just my birth experience. thank you for that!

  2. Congratulations Avital!! I won’t have a chance to watch the video and check out all the other content here until this evening. I just wanted to thank you for it in advance because I’m currently expecting my fourth baby and always appreciate peaceful birthing and parenting resources. I’ve had two home births and this one is planned to be as well, but have never actually tried hypnobirthing and may give it a go this time! Excited to look into it all when I get a chance tonight.
    Congratulations again and much love and blessings to your new little (big!) guy and all your family in this time of adjustment and excitement! Glad to have my guru paving the way with baby number 4 as well… Makes me think I can do it too! ❤️❤️

  3. Congratulations! My birth went well but I hope to employ more hypno birthing techniques for my second birth and thus look forward to exploring the materials recommended, particularly the hypnobirthing CD.

  4. Congrats on your newest bundle of joy! I seem to be one of those people unable to be hypnotized, but my HypnoBabies training nonetheless helped me remain calm, centered, and fully in the moment of both of my wonderful home births! The first time I was disappointed because I never experienced the state of hypnosis. After some debriefing, my second birth was much more fulfilling because my expectations were more realistic. Either way, I’m a fan of anything that returns the power of birth into the mother’s hands 🙂

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