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The hidden education your kids are being shaped by, perhaps without your conscious awareness

Which school should you send your kids to? What extracurricular activities should they participate in? What books should we read? We’re obsessed with providing the best for our kids.


In this episode I’m going to tell you why none of that matters as much as we think it does, and what I believe we should focus on instead.


Spoiler alert – it’s not what (or how) you think.


Think back to your childhood – what were the biggest lessons you learned? Were they the ones that were dictated to you? The ones taught directly in school via a lesson plan?


Or perhaps were they the ones that weren’t directly spoken or intended?


Usually the real lessons came between the “lessons.”  How the adults in our lives spoke to us, spoke to each other, how they behaved, how they viewed the world – these were the real lessons for better or worse.


In this episode, I’m sharing my belief that *I* am my children’s biggest and most powerful curriculum, and you are YOUR children’s biggest and most powerful curriculum…here’s what you’ll hear:


[3:14] The “real” lessons we learned in our childhood.

[5:47] The default way you are probably parenting, for better or worse

[7:53] What is the true curriculum of childhood 📚 ❓

[8:52] Lecturing does not work. Do you learn best by being directed?

[12:06] What educational institutions are teaching your kids (🤦)

[15:29] The real curriculum is you (what you do, not what you say). Where to find the real curriculum

[20:53] Don’t abdicate! (spoiler alert this is uncomfortable)

[22:25] What we must demand of ourselves

[28:46] How kids learn Social Skills 👯

[31:27] How your kids are learning to Life Management skills 🕐

[35:05] Model a healthy mindset. Mindset 🧠


How you show up, how you treat others, how you manage your life, and the mindset you carry through it all – this is what our children will learn.


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