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Do you desperately need a break, but feel like you can’t trust anyone with your kids? Do you fear what might happen to them (some disaster or catastrophe), what might be said to them, or what might be taught to them if you’re not there?


In this episode we’ll address some common fears that parents have about leaving their kids with other people.  

[5:04] Are these fears holding you back?

[7:37] Anything that’s rooted in fear will not lead us down the path of joy.

[8:26] The inability to trust others with our children leads to burnout.

[9:25] There are risks when you don’t trust your kids with other people.

[11:49] Allow your children to have secure attachments to more than one adult.

[12:43] Are you the only perfect caregiver for your children?

[14:04] You can’t work on any job, project or relationship 24/7. You need time off.

[15:11] It’s time to get help.

[18:03] I get it…some relatives make it really, really hard.

[19:12] Practice an attitude of gratitude.

[19:48] Practice compassion & mindfulness.

[20:22] Have faith in your child’s competency.

[20:44] Model politeness & affection without forcing it.  

[21:02] Set firm, empathic limits when boundaries are crossed.

[21:52] Get professional help with toxicity.

[22:44] Don’t be afraid to use mother’s helpers, baby-sitters, or nannies.  


To checkout the role play series with Dr. Laura Markham mentioned in this episode head over to the blog.



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I would love to hear from you! Are you able to trust others with your kids? What do you find most difficult about it? What helps you feel more at ease in choosing trust over fear? Please leave your comments below or over in our (free & awesome) FB community Love Parenting with Avital.

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3 Replies to “TPJ 17: The Real Reasons You’re Not Decluttering (and how to overcome them)”

  1. What do you have to say about this- my son’s grandpa threw a man tantrum because I was telling my son it was bed time. He drinks everyday which sometimes leads to his violent behavior and thinks I’m controlling bc I have rules. I left and decided he was an unhealthy and bad influence.

    1. Hey Kimberly!

      I have not personally gone through anything similar. You need to do what you have to in order for you and your son to feel safe.

      Are you in the Love Parenting with Avital facebook group? (

      If you are looking for advice I encourage you to post your question in there as well. It’s an amazing non-judgmental community that has a lot of advice and support. – Tracy xx

  2. Hello and thank you! You changed my life and I am really greatfull for that. I do my best to follow your wonderful advices. But this time, I can’t keep up because my husband refuses help. My kids have never been watched by an other person, I homeschool and have them 24/7! My husband works a lot and we really see him on sundays afternoon. Voila ! I worked on my mental to live with it and I think I am okay with it now. Pretty exhausting, but as Avital says, stop complaining and see how we can find a solution. Mine : listening to her work 😂

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