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“The items we hold on to end up holding on to us.”



“No mommy I love this, this is my all time favorite toy” – said every kid whose parent ever tried to declutter the toy that they have not touched in 2 years.


Sound familiar?


Tens of thousands of parents have gone through this free and simple process with me and it can make such a dramatic difference in their child’s play.  The problem parents run into is not due to the complexity of decluttering. It is instead due to their own beliefs throughout the decluttering process sabotaging the efforts they make.


On the surface decluttering toys doesn’t seem like a big deal.  What parents don’t realize is that it usually leads to a pandora’s box of emotions and fears.


In this episode you’ll discover the seven most common reasons people have too many toys and why it’s difficult to downsize. It’s time to overcome these limiting beliefs and clear the way for a decluttered, soothing play space!


Ultimately the relationship we have with our stuff mimics the relationship we have with ourselves and the world.via @ParentingJunkieTweet This


[3:37] “You’re not a real minimalist!”

Why this doesn’t need to be another label you have to live up to


[5:36] But EVERYTHING sparks Joy 🥰

I love Marie Kondo and definitely apply her methods in my decluttering efforts. Here I’ll explain why you should take the “does it spark joy” question one level deeper.


[11:20] #1: It’s all about Love! 💕

Why the love language of gift giving is dangerous when it comes to showing love to our children.


[13:23] #2: The hidden ball and chain

If the toys is no longer serving you it becomes a ball and chain.  What you can do about it instead to honor the people that gave it to you.


[15:16] #3: How else will she become the next Einstein?

Spoiler alert: YOU are the magic toy!


[17:42] #4: Gotta keep up with the Jones’ kids!

For this one you may need your journal and may need to ask yourself some questions to overcome this limiting belief.


[19:32] #5: The most seductive of our methods

These toys have such a massive appeal but send a dangerous message to our kids.


[21:49] #6: Don’t pay for it twice!

Paying for something with money is not the only way you pay for it.

Get clear on what wasting really means


[23:24] #7: Fear Fear Fear 😱

What if…


When we feel secure, confident, and crystal clear with our goals and boundaries; conscious and awake in that way. Then every single facet of our lives begins to reflect this on the outside as well. Our jobs, our weight, our relationship, our health, our thoughts, and of course OUR STUFF, our physical environment begin to mirror our most authentic inner selves.



Behind-the-scenes: decluttering playrooms!

Give your Children the Gift of a Minimalist Environment



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3 Replies to “TPJ 17: The Real Reasons You’re Not Decluttering (and how to overcome them)”

  1. What do you have to say about this- my son’s grandpa threw a man tantrum because I was telling my son it was bed time. He drinks everyday which sometimes leads to his violent behavior and thinks I’m controlling bc I have rules. I left and decided he was an unhealthy and bad influence.

    1. Hey Kimberly!

      I have not personally gone through anything similar. You need to do what you have to in order for you and your son to feel safe.

      Are you in the Love Parenting with Avital facebook group? (

      If you are looking for advice I encourage you to post your question in there as well. It’s an amazing non-judgmental community that has a lot of advice and support. – Tracy xx

  2. Hello and thank you! You changed my life and I am really greatfull for that. I do my best to follow your wonderful advices. But this time, I can’t keep up because my husband refuses help. My kids have never been watched by an other person, I homeschool and have them 24/7! My husband works a lot and we really see him on sundays afternoon. Voila ! I worked on my mental to live with it and I think I am okay with it now. Pretty exhausting, but as Avital says, stop complaining and see how we can find a solution. Mine : listening to her work 😂

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