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The Power of Affirmations

Are you ever feeling like you’re not good enough? Like you’re messing up?

Have you tried affirmations: empowering messages to lift you out of your funk?

Affirmations encourage us to believe certain things about our life, our world, and our decisions.

It helps us to visualize our dreams, and actualize our ideals.

Repeating “I am good enough” helps you to FEEL it. Helps you to BELIEVE it.

Because you ARE good enough.

Listen to these mantras and affirmations everyday to start your day off right.

Or midday, if you need a reset.

Or at the end of the day, if you need a re-frame.

The point is, to listen to these frequently. And remind yourself that you ARE enough. You are strong. You are doing hard things! You are becoming more and more conscious and more and more peaceful everyday.

Want a free MP3 version of this to listen to on-the-go? Click here for the MP3 audio file.  

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